("For the time is come that JUDGEMENT must begin at the House of Elohim")  1Pet.4:17 (KJV) 
                  (". . and a stranger will they (My Sheep) not follow . . . .")  Jn.10:5 ; Isaiah 51:7 (KJV)
                  ("And ye shall be hated of all  men for my name's sake !")   Lu.21:17 (KJV)
                  (No wonder "G-d Almighty" is sorry He ever made you, if you don't even want His Name.) Gen.6:6 ; Rom.1:28 (KJV)

                  So . . . . "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him."   Ps.37:32 (KJV)       Repeat

        W    E    B    S    I    T    E         T    O    P    I    C    S            
e-book copies are available.   EMAIL: preacher@MyHolyName.com 
NOTE: This website is also aka
:  www.MyHolyName.com

     H6917+H3068 > QADUWMYAHU > HEROYAHU > MY HERO IS YaHU         

  Good Books   (and WebSites)  
  thank their main contributors.
  This one is dedicated to my Rescuer. 
And if it is to be my legacy, may it convey the Truth and Spirit and Authority of my ABBA, YaHUaH !

  And it is a credit to my own precious parents who, for years, were traveling Pentecostal Evangelists, then Pastors.

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"From the rising of the Sun unto the going down of the same,
YaHUaH's   N A M E   is to be praised."
  Psalms 113:3
This labor, to restore & declare His Name,
has already been blessed.

Slander Beware !!! 
Prov.6:16,19 !

Yes, you're right !
Threats by Elohim Almighty are not nice.
But His Name is so important to Him & us, and been hidden so long,
the time has come to declare it & exalt it & assert it & repeat His threats !
Fortunately, -the favorite style of the Holy Spirit is gentle and even romantic.
 His Name will increase love among us REAL saints. (Real Holy Spirit prefers it !) 
And this website must repeat all His WARNINGS so dullards may beware & repent.
Preachers withhold Elohim's Name then pretend they're not guilty.  Pro. 28:13 

I repented publicly for imposing the wrong "Holy Name" on my audiences.
"Cursed be he who doeth the work of YaHUaH deceitfully." Jer.48:10a 
  Preachers constantly yell at you to repent but they don't repent.**

Forceful "fire-breathing" preachers can sound wonderful but
even the loud ones stop their mouth & slink, slink away
  from His Name. CURSES: Jer.48:10a; 2Pet.3:16b
**Beginning of Repentance: 1John 3:4b**

every time cheaters pretend
they did NOT withhold
His Name


Dullards don't seem to understand.  His Name in Hebrew has a meaning.

Some remarks here
are offered to the humble
and some are directed at the proud.
Murderers in prisons are known to show
more respect for God than Politically Correct FOOLS.
You are free to be "blown about by every wind of doctrine" or
hear this sure-sound
Trumpet  &  taste this salt that kept its flavor.
1 Cor.14:8 ; Matt.5:13

Everyone from Moses to dullards hear this: The first thing to restore is His Name.
Health cruelties show some of us that we are a "weak thing".<1Cor.1:27 

Solomon says Wisdom (like Yah) is too high for a fool. Lu.10:21
 GOOGLE searches for "My Holy Name"
are nearly zero!
This restoration of His Name follows Acts 3:21
as a part of "the restitution of all things",
  i.e. a restitution of His Name to Him.

see Acts 3:20,21
Restrictive curses
expired 1996

"Flesh & Blood"
did not reveal
 this daily flood
of Truth about
His Name ! 

It was our Abba in heaven !
which explains our
"joy above our fellows" !
1 Cor. 1:27







All nations (and Bible "bastards") that forget God, shall be turned into hell.  Ps.9:17

[Heylel, aka Satan] "- abode not in the Truth -" John 8:44b  How about YOU !!!
"Take heed that no man deceive you !" Matt. 24:4 ; 2Tim.4:3 ; James 3:1
"The Law of YaHUaH is perfect, converting the soul." Ps.19:7a OK ?
"whoso despiseth the Word shall be destroyed" Prov.13:13a
"all the world wondered after the beast" Rev.13:3b !
& wondered if false Sabbath & Name is OK !

& wandered to worship it every Sunday !

"he that is not of God, heareth not us"
Experience proves that you can
hear better after you get
pruned & scattered.
But that delay
sure does



  A flaming sword at the Gate of Eden protects it.
  Our first 2/3 here is Preparatory Introduction. 
  Then we offer Hebrew details about His Name.
The long Preparatory Introduction is worded
  (i.e. seeded) with Our affronts & HIS threats
  to separate you proud out from the humble.
Thrust, Thrust , Thrust  ! 
-to pique your interest- 
  (But it's all user-friendly to you HE called.)

>   Mark 4:11,12 !   <
Rom.12:1 ; 1Sam.6:14b ; Ps.119:69
If you can follow our speedy format
you will encounter superior truth. 
No one, yet, has found any errors.

And you stubborn won't even care, -but F.Y.I., one form of blasphemy
against the Holy Spirit is to refuse to be led "into all truth".   Jn.16:13
Here's a little step for you. 
  The Savior of the World has a famous Title called "The Word".
  You are in His Image, so He does expect you to care about words !,
especially the word for His Name (more than you care about your own).
( I betcha really, really, really care when confiscators arrive to confiscate ! )
Is. 52:6 ; Matt.25:28 ; Matt.21:19b ; Matt.8:12 !

Churchianity is hostile against His Name & His Sabbath,  worldwide. 
The hostility is driven by that 4th "monster spirit" in Dan.7:7,23,25, 
which continues on thru  Rev.13:3b,5.
Don't be deceived by it.
Constantine was.

Churchianity is so VERY hostile that even when rare signs (Gen. 1:14) coincide,
  such as a rare synchronization of blood moon' tetrads with YaHUah's Feast Days   
the 'poor' worshippers who came to pray and pay tithe, are still sent away, ignorant.
The 'poor' worshippers who came to pray and pay tithe, are still sent away, ignorant,
even when that sign gets emphasized by a solar eclipse exactly on the equinox in-between !
Even worse: one date on the
Torah calendar IS NOT a sign, but it gets more respect 
because the famous events on that day are more obvious. (i.e. the 9th day of Av.) 

Some say the Fourth Comm. is the Third,
and that the seventh day is the eighth !
  One warning to them is 2 Pet. 3:16.
The other warning is Rev. 18:4.

We are satisfied that
Threats & Angels
will dispose of
OK ?

2 Thess. 2:10-12
Prov. 1:25,26

Is your interest in heaven so dumb/dull/dim
that you don't even want the Ruler's Name ? 
Matt. 6:9,13

The Holy Spirit is a comforter to lovers but a convicter to rebels.

Prophets & Evangelists have to say disturbing things
to push you back to
"your first love".  
Rev. 2:4

For Example . . . . .
Isaiah 52:6   S A Y S   "My people shall know my name"   
2 Chronicles 7:14   S A Y S   that Yah's people are called by His Name.
      Matthew 1:21   S A Y S   (Gabriel's word) is certainly not jesus !      
  And you really wanna
with His Name ?

Trust me.
IF you don't wise up like 2 Peter 3:18a tells you, . . .
THEN, others who do, get authority over you.   OK ? 

   >   Mark 4:11,12 !   <
   >   Mark 4:11,12 !   <

God and I know that some of you don't want His Name.  2 Thess. 2:10,11,12
God and I know that some of you cannot understand His Name.    Isaiah 56:11
God and I know that some of you should not even be told His Name.  Matt. 7:6a

By The Way . . . . .
KJV spells God as God.
We prefer Elohim.

1 John 4:6



2 Cor.3:6 REPEAT !
Hallelu-YAH  vs  Hallelu-YE  

YaHUDIM means: "all those who praise Yah".
Scripture says "YaHUDIM" hundreds of times !
All you who are "Born Again", are YaHUDIM !
The term "Jews" is not a Hebrew word.
It is disrespectful, ugly slang. 
It disrespects the people
and rips out His Name.
It's time to Wake up !
Rev. 2:9 ; 3:9

  ( Yet we use the KJV
even though it diminishes YHWH & YHWSA
because it is still the best
word for word for word for word, translation.)
You who already know His Name may prefer
one of the translations by Hebrew Roots.
Those convey Hebrew idioms better.


  YaHUaH's Name is wonderful !!!
And little David against Goliath was opportunistic with it.
Yet there is widespread resistance toward His real Name. 
It is like a stone the builders rejected
and like a key of knowledge, taken away.

Resistance to it is tangible Bible evidence of a "falling away"
and that His probation for you unrepentant is closing.
We just don't want you flopping down the road of life
spiritually deformed and ignorant of His Name.
  Your choices have consequences. 
Don't blame Him. 
2Thess. 2:1-12

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning & the End". 
                                               Is.44:6 (Rev.22:13)                                        
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".   Matt. 1:21 

In all these years, no challenger, worldwide, has ever, once "faced us" to disprove it !

"If ye know these things, HAPPY ARE YE, if ye do them !"  Jn.13:17

How dare Disobedient Religious Authorities
diminish YaHUaH's Name even tho He set it
at the TOP of His Ten Commandments &
at the TOP of His "Lord's Prayer" ?
  Common sense says, those who
yet disobey
 are worse
dogs who

The Ruling Class (Top "Dogs")
in Churchianity are in real big trouble.

When Christians were first called Christians,
they kept the Sabbath and used His real name.
Acts 15:20,21
Today's imitation should not be called Christianity ! 
Churchianity degrades Torah & "My Holy Name" & Sabbath !
Churchianity even degrades Apostles' Doctrine & definition of sin !
1 John 3:4b 

All things considered . . . . . .
Churchianity    Christianity

This Restoration of His Name already takes away crowns of authority
from Seminaries (& Parrots) who have enjoyed privileges while they
deprived us saints of the Name of our Elohim.  Rev. 3:11 ; Deu.29:29

In Matt.7:6a,  YAHUSHUA HIMSELF  says some of you visitors are not welcome here  Is.56:11
This website will seem even more intense when we add a new collection of quotes from the N.T.
Even schoolkids can compare  Joshua 1:1,2 to Acts 7:45  and see Joshua's name "IS NOT SO !"
IF Scripture calls us, in this, "MORE NOBLE"  (Acts 17:11) ,
dullards can't call us a "BRAGGART"   (Acts 2:13-16).

Prov. 29:1

His Name may sound a bit odd,  
but who cares what schoolkids mock at ?
In Scripture, wild bears ate them alive for that.

Demons & Disobedient Religious Authorities abound,
-but be an  OVERCOMER, -not a puppet of some cheater !
Our favorite detractors may huff & puff dissent, or rally & rail,
but when they "see the light", they repent, and then recant
[more explanation later]
2Kings 2:23,24

 YaHUah's arithmetic has never, ever failed !!   Psalms 12:6
His other truths also exult, and don't need a Superiority Complex.   They  ARE   Superior !

Let YaHUaHs  “Word of Knowledge” here create in your Spirit enough Love or Fear, to GROW !

Student Help:  preacher@MyHolyName.com 
(As a hard-copy print-out, this information
does not look so "vast & overwhelming". :o))


Preliminary Advice to Born-Again Visitors & Students :

The Priesthood of the Believer makes you Authorized & Free !  2Cor.3:6

Any Synagogue with a Torah/TaNaK* in Hebrew script can show you the
True Name of YHWH (YaHUaH) Elohim 7,000± times !!!!!!    Prov.25:2 

Scripture defines YaHUShuA as: "Elohim was manifest in the flesh".
Since Elohim had already said "My Holy Name" a dozen times, you
follow the "Spirit of Error" to continue calling Him some undefined idiom. 

Deu.29:29 authorizes you & expects you to Claim His Name and Restore
His Name & Rebuke (2Tim.4:2) any Disobedient Religious Authority who
  imposes some substitute in the place where He put His Name.    Jer.23:27
Pentecostals are deviant to desire "other tongues" then avoid His Name 
in Hebrew. 

Estrangement is usually proof-of or a symptom-of, slander.
 Estrangement of His Name is proof of slander, whether by minister or demon
Estrangement of His Name is proof of discord, whether by minister or demon.
Proverbs 6:16,19 !
Their less-informed counter-arguments offer less accuracy & love.     Lu.2:33
Unrepentant Ones get sassy but are on-record forever.  Matt.12:36 ; Mal.1:6

They can scorn our radio/TV/magazine Bibliography, but not our Revelation.
"Dogs" & "Swine" do not Comfort, -much less EDIFY ! Matt.7:6a; Matt.7:6b

A zoo-full of Leaders with Degrees & Authority, -practically hid His Name.
We mention their many violations that occurred over hundreds of years.
Scriptural threats & our redundancy pierce cold-hearted disinterest.
Our First Edition is not highly organized, but surely will be later.  

Feel free to join us here to search & find & keep this Treasure of Hidden Truth.

We apologize in advance for any remarks that lack sufficient context for you
But the Holy Spirit always adds understanding for "such as should be saved".
 His Name has been scattered among obscure sources and willingly withheld.

  But The Holy Spirit is a "Comforter" and continually offers "My Holy Name".
  You with the purest LOVE, will gain the most Authority.     
1Kings 3:26,27
We think it is important for you to wade-through (or endure) a few
pages of preliminary facts to properly introduce you to the greatest.
It helps pursuade you of the profound importance of YaHUaH's Name.
His Name is near John 3:16 as if it were a vital component of salvation !!!
 You who lose interest prefer the Father of Lies.  Jn.8:44 ; Mark 4:14-19

You who mock are on the Hit List of "God Almighty".    Gal.5:19-21
"Forfeiture & Confiscation" will pick-your-fruit & take-your-crown.
Some Scriptures show that YaHUShuA can be "an hard man".
Matt. 25:24

We prefer Adonai instead of Lord, because Lord also means Baal.
Even that word "God" is berated by Elohim Almighty YaHUaH there
in Isaiah 65:11 ((translators say "troop" but YaHUaH berates "God" !))
Your research to correct us may tell you "gad", --yet "god" is the sound.
We hope you stop using the word LORD 7,000 times in place of His Name.

We sometimes say Rescuer (instead of Savior), to help strangers understand

Your questions and modifications and edifications are happily welcome

BUT  . . . . notify us of violations of The Word or The Spirit,
ONLY  if you can prove it, using Scripture.

Ps. The Rescuer of the World (and we) love you for your search for Truth.
Unfortunately, "Wisdom is too high for a fool", so the Truth offered here will
exceed the IQ or interest of many visitors, even though His Name is very basic.

*The term TaNaK (above) refers to the very same Scriptures as the term Old Testament.
But, Old Testament is a more comprehensive term because it differentiate TWO Covenants.
The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories of topics in the Old Testament.   
The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories of:Torah & Neviim & Kituvim.    
  The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories: Instructions, Prophets, Writings.

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning & the End". 
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".

The first two letters of those Names is:   

יְה   <<<<<<<<

          and their sound is  YaH . 

 "YaH" conveys "THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE" ! ;  "Ye" diminishes. "YaH" magnifies !!! 

HallelU -YaH !       YaHUaH       (or YaHUaH)

Isaac means mental laughter.            Giyl means spiritual Joy !
We do exult in this Key of Knowledge we teach the world.
It makes the birds sing and the rats run and kills giants.
1 Sam.17:45 ; Lev.26:2,8a ; Num.14:9 ; Isaiah 63:19
Elohim "God" Almighty "PLEADS".  (amazing) 
LOVE is voluntary.
Jer.2:9 !

Is 56:6 Also the sons of the stranger, that join themselves to YaHUaH,
to serve him, and to love the name of YaHUaH, to be his servants,
every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and taketh hold of my covenant;  
7 Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful
in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices [shall be] accepted
upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.

W O N D E R F U L    S C R I P T U R A L    T R U T H !

 Scriptures indicate your probability of disinterest
 but seekers like Acts 15:17-21 are grateful.

John 17:11,12a 

Scripture teaches: we profit one way if you desire this, and if not, we profit a different way !
We bring you the true names of Elohim Almighty and of His Son, (and of your predator).
If you do not desire it, it becomes a warning ; if you do, it is wonderful scriptural truth.

"My Holy Name" is like "food" for His sheep, Jn.21:17. But it's not endearing to a goat.
There has never been a sensible Scriptural Disproof of "YaHUaH" from any challenger !
      Our "Theologians" who consented to critique this for errors, finally just gave-up" !!!  :-))
If you disagree with this, the burden of proof shifts to YOU, to prove His true name.

There is . . now no condemnation to them which are in . .YaHUShuA . ." Rom.8:1
But a stubborn preference for a meaningless alias, has consequences.  Matt.25:28
This is not to pursuade your mind but to help the Holy Spirit appeal to your spirit.
Martin Luther saw & declared the Bible Way of Salvation and started a revolution.
We here see & declare the - True Names of Elohim - and also start a revolution.
"My Holy Name" is such great Truth that unrepentance about it is great offense.
Visitors, students, commenters indicate these teachings of His Name are true.

Feel free to discern whether this is "an accuser of the brethren" or Titus 2:15

Be careful.  Slander sows discord and makes you an abomination !!  Pr.6:19
 Our offset format is to help "this hidden truth" be easier to Read & Discern.
Truth here is especially for you visitors who inherited lies !!  Jer.16:19 - 21
Evidently, we are chosen, to restore and declare YaH's Name.  Matt.20:16

His Word is a "hammer" Jer.23:29 ! He "hammers" His Name 7000 times.
Working as our "Brother's Keeper" , - yes we do "hammer" for His Name.

Worldwide-avoidance leaves only a few of us to "bravely" declare "YaH" !
We would rather be discussing affections than these warnings. Promise.
We tell you more "for free" than the plagiarists of us tell you for $$$ !

But be smart !   Copy & keep this before we cannot afford to publish.
You LukeWarm are no match for spirit-filled defenders of His Name ,
in either desire-for-truth or brotherly-love !   We exult in His Truth.
Opinionated bullies abound, yet possess less proof than "YaH" !
As Messiah's Ambassadors (2Cor.5:20) we hereby convey
His "hot displeasure" that His Name is diminished.]
So pursue all this truth with "hunger & thirst",
(not with some mere reluctant agreement)
and with real brotherly love and obedience.
||Ex.12:2|||||1 John 4:1|||||Ex.3:15|| 
Perverted Scriptures and their Hirelings, will hurt you.
YaHUaH asserts His Name like a decisive test for Hirelings !
Here we stand.  We can do no other.  Elohim help us !  Amen."
Unrepentant goats decline His Name as fast as He can offer it. Acts 4:17
Scripture does say to get their blood off our hands, -by warnings. Ez.3:18,19
Because Elohim requires "Spirit & Truth"!, we bring you priceless "Spirit & Truth".

  Rebels avoid Scripture like Hirelings avoid 1Kgs.19:11 (which declares His Name five times)
 "-but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever-" Deu.29:29b



Hello dear visitor

WELCOME: toveryhidden truth ! 
Hidden treasure may not look user-friendly.
Between earth & the 3rd heaven is a world of
determined to lure you away from YaH !

Jer.29:13 ; Daniel 10:12,13,14 ; Eph.2:2b ; 1John 5:19

YaHUaH Elohim Almighty is never LukeWarm about His Name
The TRUE Holy Spirit will     OBVIOUSLY     desire the TRUE Holy Name !

Your interest is a diagnosis more important than an earthly medical diagnosis !
Your interest in His Name is an estimate of your interest in Him. Jer.23:26,27 ! (LORD)  
  Disinterest in His Name, by people worldwide, makes declarations like this, rare ! Isaiah 58:12  
Your disinterest allows other insidious "Doctrines of Demons" to seep into your mind & weaken you !!

( Church-wide disinterest in Evangelism also left us as the only ones we ever see ministering salvation at
a crowded Spring Break Beach, for 30 yrs !)

"... and that My Name may be declared throughout all the earth." ! 
Rom. 9:17c (KJV)

"... those things which are revealed belong to us and our children, forever
" !  
Deu. 29:29b  (KJV)

"I [King David] will make Thy Name to be remembered in all generations
Ps. 45:17a  (KJV)

"I [YaHUaH] will set him on high because he hath known My Name
Ps. 91:14b

"... for there is none other Name under heaven given among men,

 whereby we must be saved."
Acts 4:12b (KJV)

"In all places where I record My Name, I will

come unto thee and will I bless thee."
 Ex. 20:24 (KJV)

"But unto the place
which YaHUaH your Elohim shall choose
out of all your tribes to put His Name there,
even unto His habitation

 Deu. 12:5  (KJV)

"that all the people of the earth may know thy Name, . . . !"
1 Kings 8:43b  (KJV)

"Even every one that is called by my Name:
for I  have created him for My glory,

 I have formed him; yea,
I have made him ."

Is. 43:7  (KJV)

"... and that My Name may be declared throughout all the earth." ! 
Ex. 9:16c (KJV)

". . . . .the Father of Lights
with Whom is no variableness
shadow of turning."

James 1:17  (KJV)

Hirelings & goats & fools want to fool with that ! 

So . . . 
  Worldwide ignorance and r e s i s t a n c e makes His threats necessary.
  Don't let yourself get entangled with any pile or pit of slander.
For your own good, please care . . .

  BIBLE quotations >

 "Fear"  &  "Revere"
His great Name !!!

(Several serious Scriptures do shout warnings !)



  Our perspective here tries to cite the countless violations
which occured during hundreds of years,
and express it using unusual brevity.
We apologize for remarks here that don't give you more generous explanations.

WELCOME: to Threats

:   Jeremiah 23:27 (KJV)
"Which think to cause my people to forget my name
by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbor
as their fathers have forgotten my name for BAAL.  (LORD)

:   2 Thessalonians 2:10,11,12 (KJV)
".... because they received not the love of the truth ....  
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion,
that they should believe a lie: 
     That they all might be damned ...."

THREAT NUMBER  THREE:   Prov. 1:28,29 (KJV)
Then shall they call upon me,
but I will not answer;
they shall seek me early,
but they shall not find me:
For that (because) they hated knowledge,
and did not choose the fear of YaHUaH.

THREAT NUMBER  FOUR:   2 Thessalonians 1:7 - 8 (KJV)
"....... when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed
from heaven with his mighty angels,
In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God,
and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: "

THREAT NUMBER   FIVE:   Revelation 20:15  (KJV)
"And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life
was cast into the lake of fire !"

THREAT NUMBER   SIX:   Hosea 4:6 (KJV) 
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
because thou hast rejected knowledge,
I will also reject thee . . . ."

     THREAT NUMBER   SEVEN:   Deu. 28:58,59 (KJV)
"If thou wilt not observe to do all the words
of this law that are written in this book,
   that thou mayest FEAR  
   this Glorious and Fearful Name, 

Then YaHUaH will make thy plagues wonderful,
and the plagues of thy seed,
even great plagues, and of long continuance,
and sore sicknesses, of long continuance." 

     THREAT NUMBER   EIGHT:   Rev. 22:18,19 (KJV)
18. "If any man shall add unto these things >>> PLAGUES  
19. "If any man shall take away from the words >>> DEATH 
Preacher's Note:  At least eight times the word YaHUaH
was taken away
from His eight signatures and
translators substituted the word LORD.
Each of the eight signatures were in the 10 Comm. 
but translators removed His Name
and substituted a Title.

VEILED THREAT:   Jeremiah 31:33  (KJV)
 "But this shall be the covenant that
I will make with the house of Israel ; 
After those days, saith YaHUaH,
I will put my Law into their inward parts
(minds), and write it in their hearts
(spirit) and will be their Elohim, and, 
THEY shall be My people".

We who are
saved out of every
kindred, tongue, people, nation
will care about His Name. Rev.22:4
  ( Except you?)  

WORST THREAT:   Matt.7:21, 23  (KJV)
"Then I will profess unto them,
I never knew you: depart from me
ye that work iniquity."

INIQUITY= anomia= Greek#458 = Anti-Torah= anti-"Thy Kingdom come"= anti-Jer.31:33

Those beggars, including  the Authorities, in Matt.7:22
had twisted the writings of Paul to their own destruction
and got accused by our Rescuer of being anti-Torah.  Gal.1:6
  Lukewarm indifference will not be welcome in His Kingdom.
Promise !

also teaches that you can't be both Born-Again & Anti-Torah !
Works that scorn Torah misunderstand Paul and are building on "sand"
and will burn like  "wood, hay & stubble".
 If we are wrong, --Scripture tells you to tell us
He has warned us all, kindly. 
  Acts 21:19-26 ; 1 Cor.3:12 ; Rev 12:17 ; 14:12

Believe it or not,
His Ways lead to superiority & exuberance,
-not repression.   Ps.119:98a ; Deu.7:6 ; Micah 4:2

Lev. 5:17 !

Lev. 5:17 !

F.Y.I:  The Hebrew word for the
instructions of YaHUaH is Torah.
Torah = Strong's Heb.No.8451.
The TaNaK mentions the Torah in 213 places. 
Torah appears 25 times in Ps.119and other
references to it there are highly esteemed.
It has synonyms like "law" & "word".
and usually means the first five books.
At Ps.138:2 various readers conclude that
His Name is magnified above His Word, or
His Word is magnified above His Name, or
His Name & Word are magnified equally.
(The Hebrew wrote Name prior to Word.)

"Word" refers (back in time) to YaHUaH's Torah.
You need to care about His Torah because
anti-Torah certified the damnation in Matt.7:23 !

You will check the original language for yourself, if you're not silly.
iniquity = Gr.No.459 = anti-nomia = anti-word = anti-law = anti-Torah

Sunday-Keepers everywhere snub & scorn His Sabbath & His Name.
Isaiah 56:6
BUT !,   -isn't  Matt.7:23 [original language]
a dire warning against evading His Torah ??? 
Briefly repeated, iniquity means  anti-Torah.
If you are Born-Again, you are "saved by grace" and "complete in Him"
and you will want to "rightly divide" His Torah.
You have to hear the Holy Spirit to discern His parables and His Torah. 
If you don't, you don't.  That's all you are.

cts 4:12a,b + James 4:17
In John 14:6 The Rescuer of the World did not sound friendly, but very stern.
In John 17:9 The Rescuer of the World did not sound friendly, but very stern.

In Acts 4:12a,b The Holy Spirit did not sound very friendly, but rather dangerous.
Titus 3:10 threatens some of you to get only two warnings !!   Ok ?

YaH YaHUaH is threatening or dangerous about some remarks :  Deu.18:20 ; Ex.21:17 !   
YaH YaHUaH is threatening or dangerous about some names: EX.20:7; 23:21; Lev.24:16 !
  Both LOVE and FEAR are preserved forever as voluntary, so we cannot beg you to care.   

Messianics neglect soul-winning and expecting the Gifts of the Spirit !
  YaHUaH threatens to charge you with murder, for not warning the unrepentant.
He threatens to get every rebel's attention, whatever it takes. Rom.14:11; Rev.14:11  
  People have no right to His Heaven who won't Scripturally
"Realize", Repent" & "Receive" !

       >>>>> FOR YOU WHO DON'T KNOW  <<<<< 
The Mother of Harlots (in Rev.17:5) birthed daughters who are very religious !!!
They are whores to "every wind of doctrine" outside the Scriptures of Elohim Almighty.
Mother and Daughters deceived the whole world and will be cannibalized. Rev.17:5,6,16
The Whores' Calendars do not desire the calendar prescribed in YaHUaH's Torah. Ex.12:2 !
YaHUaH's exact calendar really is debatable yet there is a need to honor the Feast Days:  
Whores beautify their bait then lure men to substitutes:
New Year's/Dec.25/Easter/SunDay. Rev.17:16
Pretty Daughters of the Whore have heard me disprove that bait
but act like they prefer it anyway.  Rev.17:5

The "wise men from the east" cared about the New King, regardless of local Jews. 
Similarly, "Messianics"  care about the Feast Days regardless of local indifference.

  YaHUShuA brought a SWORD (Matt.10:34,35) to wage war !
LukeWarm beware !  Lu.19:27
  He made this glorious world and
gave dominion to men  (Gen.1:28) 
then sly leaders rubbed-out His Name.  
   YaHUShuA is not LukeWarm about His Name
and HE threatens to vomit you who will be ! Rev.3:16 

You LukeWarm types won't act LukeWarm about His Name
when He looks at you with fire in His eyes !

2Thess.2:10,11,12 -the most dangerous verses in Scripture- Mk.4:10,11,12
 It is possible to merely agree yet fail to LOVE His Name YaHUaH, -be careful !

Scripture requires warnings to be alarming. (1 Cor.14:8)
If truth here does not cause you to grow, -then what would ?  2 Pet. 3:18. 

  "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin". Ja.4:17
His Jealousy is strong like His Love; don't diminish His Name. Ex.23:13 ; 34:14
This website provides more Scripture & Spirit than anyone can "slither out of ".

The wise cannot force the care-less to LOVE or GROW.
But the wise are instructed to confiscate possessions
  that are forfeited by the care-less. See for yourself.
Is.48:17 ; Ex.3:22 ; Prov.13:22b Lu.8:18
Matt.5:19 ;
; Heb.10:24
WELCOME: to Restorations !
Restoration here re-asserts the everlasting Majesty of His Name
that has been silenced or "killed" by Disobedient Religious Authorities. 

Restoration of the First Commandment requires that His Name be valued
intrinsic and indispensible and always declared as YaHUaH !     Ex.20:2

This information section is used to explain
Restorations of His Name
and has been moved to nearer the end of this teaching.

F.Y.I. :
New Testament Imperatives
i.e. Brit Chadasha Imperatives

i.e.  John 1:12b !


  Eventually, this will list Scriptures now being compiled from the "New Testament"(Brit HaDasha).
His Name has been diminished by N.T. users.  Our list is working to correct that2Tim.3:16
If Scripture requires His Name as a component of Salvation, it is Matt.23:23 & Jn. 3:18 !!
"These signs shall follow them that believe . . . . . . . ." - Mark 16:17,18    REJOICE !!!
  Faith worketh by love (Gal.5:6) and love is supplemented by His Name (John 17:26).
Do you have it ?
The JOY of YaHUaH is your strength" Ez.24:25d (but leaders B.C & A.D. deprived you).
  Shame be on Authorities who diminish His Holy Name,
yet they repeatedly assert their own name.   Jn.3:30


The Greek & Aramaic say Passover, not Easter"The natural man receiveth-not the things of the Spirit !"  1Cor.2:14

That top name (of four above) is the signature of Elohim Almighty Himself in Paleo-Hebrew ! 
He wrote it eight times in the Ten Comm., and eight more in the replacement copy.  Deu.10
His Name YaHUaH appears nearly 2000 times before Jerusalem appears in our O.T. (TaNaK). 
That alphabet (and signature "tetragrammaton") was used in Israel, from Moses to Solomon.
  Then, Israel got marched to Babylon which mutilated Israel's sexuality, calendar and alphabet.
His signature "endorses" the "Spirit of Truth" in this website which strengthens you.  Lu.22:32

That second name is The Son (The Savior) & ("Joshua") using Modern or post-Babylon Hebrew
The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet version of it is writtten in the TaNaK over two hundred times.

The large Hebrew Names above show giant  RED  letters which:
No.1  Explain an alternate name of this website,  www.YAHU2.com     
No.2  Help guide the controversy of pronunciation of  "My Holy Name"
   No.3  Are unforgettable reminders to avoid "yeshua" as "My Holy Name"

*   (Literary Restoration is below the the mid-point of this teaching.)    *
YaHUaH's Name above & YaHUaH's flood below, -are 
"dead serious" !


"W i s d o m   i s   t o o   h i g h   f o r   a  FOOL" Prov.24:7
"W i s d o m   i s   t o o   h i g h   f o r   a  FOOL" Prov.24:7

"A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool." Pro.17:10
"Dead driftwood" in a river of persuasion disarms itself of protections like Yah's Name.
  Sure, "G-d loves you", but you're still going to hell unless you love Him back.
"The natural man receiveth-not the things of the Spirit !"  1Cor.2:14

The only man who escaped the furious fire & brimstone of
Sodom & Gomorrah got mocked like a
Street Preacher. Gen.19:14b

   U.S. Voters today would really rather it disintegrate, -than read the Bible.
  Their parade of skulls & tattoos taunt Elohim.  Lev.19:28; Pro.1:26
 Their disinterest in Him & His Name dares Him to punish.
America's enemies are jealous, seething planners,

busy with plans to make American trash
blow in the wind, Ps.1:4, forever.
Grandkids of American trash
will hate their slavery
and the devious
leaders who

If demons could laugh, they would laugh & mock those who prefer a substitute Name for Power. 
 Disobedient Religious Authorities examine logic & language & science for years, but not His Name.
  Disobedient Religious Authorities may obscure His Name now, but not much longer.  Acts 10:43    
  Disobedient Religious Authorities who CAN understand, yet disobey, are worse than dogs !  Is.56:11
One nice thing about the Tribulation ???  It will naturally weed-out the weeds (TARES). Matt. 13:38

W O R L D W I D E   F L O O D   No. 2        2 THESSALONIANS 1:8   
YaHUaH Almighty ???     enraged ???   no mercy ???   
. . . . during the disposal of Rebellious Angels and ALL mankind that
are charged with the  torture-murder of His Son.   Rev.14:10

screamers-a-go-go !
>>>disposable people are disposable because there is no love lost<<<
>>>sure, "God loves you", but you're still going to hell if you don't love Him back<<<


R E P E A T !

R E P E A T !
Fools laugh about warnings and Fools laugh about sin. Prov.14:9
And there is no prosthetic for a seared conscience ! !
[if the Holy Spirit has departed: Judges 16:20]

The giggling/growling unrepentant never suspect that
just below the crust of the earth is a "bottomless pit"
and that there is a Lake-of-Fire, afterwards.

Outside at big crowds, during street ministry, mad people shout & spit.
But they don't know what real mad really is until they meet the Father
whose Son they murdered.

Devils / Reprobates / Apostates
all "believe" but just won't obey.  
Seven Bible verses try to tell us that
"Flies (and their countless maggots)"
inspire fools to persecute believers. 

Matthew 10:25
Matthew 12:24
Matthew 12:27
Mark 3:22
Luke 11:15
Luke 11:18
Luke 11:19

Fools love death. Prov.8:36
Then they ask believers to
ignore Bible safety  
and enjoy revenge. 

  INIQUITY = Lawless = (TORAH-LESS)   DEU.13:5   << MATT.7:23 
Elohim and His Ministers do plead with you to care.

A lie that is told often enough,
becomes "TRUTH" to you with a seared Conscience

"Easter" Sunday is living proof.
The Torah Calendar (like your Gregorian) prohibits the
same perpetual weekday (Sunday) for your "easter".
( Do birthdays occur on the same day every year?)
The Greek & Aramaic say Passover, not Easter

"Easter" is a shameful substitute for Passover.
Dec. 25th is living proof.
(HE was born nine months later.)

Do you really wannabe part of

this religious beast power?

It hunted & murdered
  Born Again Sabbath Keepers
for hundreds of
years. Don't
put their

Pretty war-widows by the millions suspect that :
between the weather and germs and predators and earthquakes,
and tyrants and ungodly teachers and psychotic CEOs and abortion mills
and tooth decay and old age and dope-heads and deliberate lies by news media & politicians,
this planet is a big killing machine.

  If so, before it gets around to you,
you need to be humble & repent and
claim & defend the Holy Truth here
If this little website seems too stern,
just you wait 'til the King of Kings
looks you in the eye
about His Name.
Just Wait !


Simplification for simpletons: 
"He that loveth me not,
keepeth not My sayings."

John 14:24

Dear "feebleminded",  
"Render unto God       
that which is God
--such as His Name !  
Rev.15:4a ; 1Thess.5:14 ; Mk.12:17 KJV     


Hebrews 1:7  expects conflict.

Ed Markham

The humblest citizen in all the land,
when clad in the armor of a righteous cause,
is mightier than all the armies of error !
W.J. Bryan 

It's a thrill to know that even the smallest remark by our G-d
has more power & permanence than hordes of mockers.

Yes, . . . the "Bible" is like a WAR BOOK to defend Love & Truth (John 4:23, 24) from
unrepentant people.

Yes, . . . You should care that YaHUaH proclaimed His own Name aloud twice in one verse !
Exodus 34:6

No, . . . I have never met anyone else in these 18 years who rejoiced & defended His Name
  continually from the very first hearing of it.

The greatest assignment on earth was delegated to the meekest man on earth. Num.12:3
Moses led a million Israelite slaves to freedom, and to DECLARE His Name. Rom.9:17
 May this lead millions of ignorant "converts" to DECLARE His Name". Ps.69:36
You who diminish His Name, will sure pay attention when
you yourself get diminished by forfeitures.

I sure am glad one of you sluggards or dullards, or spiritual cowards was not my daddy.


Obedience for Salvation   ≠   Obedience for Growth
    "Born Again"   ≠   "Strong Meat"
   Childhood    ≠    Adulthood
"Novice"   ≠   "Elder"  
                    "babes in Christ"   ≠   "hardness as a good soldier"  
    "WORKS" with ignorance of Torah   ≠   "WORKS" with knowledge of Torah

What is the Name of your God ???   -duh . . . . . .   Really ???
(The silly & hateful call Him  duh  or won't have one, or won't care.)                 
You are required to care.    Do you ??   -duh . . . . . . .  Jn.8:29

The avoidance of YaHUShuA's Name in Matt.18:20 by Disobedient Religious Authorities,

the avoidance of YaHUShuA's Name in Mark 16:17b by Disobedient Religious Authorities,
the avoidance of YaHUaH's Name in 2Chron.7:14  by Disobedient Religious Authorities,

are direct violations of Scripture and EXPOSE & EXPLAIN a real wasteland in Religion.
Mk. 7:7



Twelve times or more,
YaHUaH said, "My Holy Name".
In Ex.34:6 He declared His own Name with Joy & Exuberance !!
(Yet you or a billion others "couldn't care less" !)

One great brother in Cisco, Texas found about two dozen instructions
in Scripture that tell how to regard His Name.
About a dozen different verbs.
About a dozen different adjectives.
But who cares ?

"I, even I, am YaHUaH; beside me there is no Savior."(Rescuer) Is. 43:11
 Question:  Is the Plan of Salvation complete without Elohim's Name ?
Sneerers sneer, yet, YaHUShuA spoke John 3:18 and He ought to know.
Care-less sheep are fresh meat to a sly wolf or "Doctrine of Devils".
Care-less sheep are urged to "prove all things".   1 Thess. 5:21

Disobedient Religious Authorities 
even take HIS Name out of HIS Scriptures, 
then smugly expect their own name to 
  remain untouchable in HIS Book of Life ! 
S U R P R I S E !     Gen. 6:3 ; Prov. 29:1
  Ex.32:33; Ps.69:26,27,28; Rev.3:5b; Rev.1:1  

Disobedient Religious Authorities
is an odd term but it is easy to prove.
Scientific "proof" requires evidence that is
observable and verifiable and repeatable.
Well, here is your proof for that term.
Disobedient Religious Authorities
  would rather have His sheep of His flock
to be dumb, unprotected, and more susceptible
to devil possession than to teach "My Holy Name".
  But we preach "My Holy Name"
and we infer that Rev.3:11 plans to 
transfer crowns
from the less-obedient to the more-obedient.
They could have told you what I am left to tell you.
During Water Baptism and other occasions they say,
"In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."
Worldwide, millions and millions of times they have said that.
So I would ask them, "What is that Name (singular, not plural) ? " 
FYI, there is such a Name and some Seminary-Judas should have told you ! 
It is "Yah" !, as in Hallelu-YAH, and means "The Self-Existent One".
Their problem is that if they exalted His Name
  they would have to share their pulpit with Him.
Pulpit rascals did begin using it to be trendy,
  but don't admit to any shame or guilt.  

Disobedient Religious Authorities
is an odd term but it is easy to prove.
Scientific "proof" requires evidence that is
observable and verifiable and repeatable.
Well, here is some proof for that term.
 Disobedient Religious Authorities
provably prefer to have a president who is
pro-abortion, pro-homo, against Defense of Marriage,
Koran-observant, Shariah-advocate, Allah-worshipping

more than obey 2Chr.7:14, and be called YaHUDIM

[[ The sly do slip by, unnoticed ! ]]

  Malachi  2:2,3 ; Acts 4:12 ; 2 Cor.2:10,11,12 ; Matt. 23:39 
 "Give unto YaHUaH the glory due unto His Name; . . . ."  Ps. 29:2
"O magnify YaHUaH with me, and let us exalt His Name together !"  Ps.34:3
YaH's Name & Title & Pronoun are all different, but some co-exist in about 100 verses !
: a heart-to-heart rapport with Abba will care about His Name, YaHUaH !
INFALLIBLE BOAST: He plans to get every rebel's attention,whatever it takes. Ps.44:8, Rom.14:11
INFALLIBLE WARNING: you're a rebel to  Luke 10:27 &  Deu.6:5 & 11:1 &  Rom.9:17,  if you won't do it.     
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  Bible bastards, Heb.12:8, would impose "INEFFABLE" contrary to Ex.9:16 & Rom.9:17  
INFALLIBLE TRUTH: The masses deprived of His Name cannot glorify & exalt it until it is restored & declared ! 
:  "Jesus's" & "Joshua's" names are spelled alike and originate in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21    
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  To "hunger & thirst after righteousness" includes a desire for the Ten Commandments.   
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  School kids can exert more insight in these matters, - than well-paid, fool, menpleasers.  
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  You who desire & declare & defend His Name, are under the influence of the Holy Spirit !


Note: Hebrew letters read   <<<<                               
 Note: English phonic equivalents read  
     Note: see Restorations: Consonants & Vowels: Yahu/wah    
                 The emphasis of the definition would be on the first syllable     
                 The emphasis of the pronunciation, varies from expert to expert 

Now let's relate the Hebrew letters to our phonics this way:

UUH = YaHUUaH = YaHUaH =

UUSuuA = YaHUUShuuA = YaHUShuA = 


= [YaHuWShuA] =  YaHUShuA   (THE 5½ HEBREW LETTERS: YHUSuA)       

Ancient/Original Hebrew never used the letter "J" nor "V"; 
and their vowel-letter called "waw" always sounded like "UU"
in "My Holy Name" ! 


His Name is  HIS  forceful CONFRONTATION !
His Name is not satisfied with SUBSTITUTES ! 
You/we will comply. 
Is.45:21-25; Rom.14:11; Philip.2:10,11

Approve  or  Dis-prove  or  Else  ! 

   We are not actually kill-joy types; we can play, too !!! Lu.15:23
BUT even the sweet  "Sermon on the Mount" ends
with the two worst verses of all.  Matt.7:22,23
   And,  St. Paul teaches that nowadays you weak ones 
"Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine".    2Tim.4:3  
   Dis-approving, doleful doubters are a "dime a dozen" ,
yet the Truth of YaHUaH  prevails forever  
 ".. extol Him who rideth upon the heavens by His Name YAH .." 
Matt.24:30; Lu.24:51; 2Thess.1:7

If some "colorless drudge" (ha) demands that we use phonics 
like Yeh or Ye . . . . . .  we politely decline for several reasons.
The "YaH" prefix conveys infinitely more value than the "Ye-".

The  "U" that follows "YaH" in names,
example: Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

So, it is easily reasonable to preserve the full AUTHORITY of "YaHU" in the prefix . 

Their "letter killeth, but His Spirit giveth Life". 2Cor.3:6c ; 1Sam.17:45
It is bad enough that YaHUaH's ancient leaders silenced His Name,
and that His sheep even now tend to rob Him of His tithe,
but when
they also paw & grunt & diminish His Name
from three syllables down to two syllables,
they fool with the fire in His eyes !
Yahuah >>> Yahweh
More later.

The phonics prefix using "YaH" exalts/magnifies His Name more than a sloppy "Ye".

  The prefix "YaH" would inflame the resentment of our
Rescuer's contemporaries, too.
A "Ye" prefix was commonplace BUT was obviously unworthy as "My Holy Name" ! 
  Since He asked His altar to be made of uncut stones, don't cut-up His Name with "Ye" !
 "YaH" conveys "THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE" ! ;  "Ye"  slurs His Name !!!  

The world's best bookkeepers had to be the early scribes who maintained the Scriptures.
For awhile, 70yrs, Israelites were dragged away to Babylon as P.O.W.'s.
In Babylon, the Murashu families became "bankers" and perfectionist bookkeepers.
Amazing discoveries found countless, preserved copies of their bookkeeping records.
Murashu's records are 1000yrs older than recent MasoretIc's.   They're pure & quintessential.
The bookkeeping of their business records spelled certain names of Israelites with great care.

Murashu's prefix is just like their suffix: YaHU.
 "YaH" conveys "THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE" ! ;  "Ye"  slurs His Name !!!  
With or without verification by the Murashu records, "YaH" does magnifiy His Name. 
Like a Banker, we profit one way if you care or we profit a different way if you don't.

Young David saw the GIANT diminish Elohim's name, -and saw an opportunity to profit.
We see a GIANT crowd diminishing His Name, -and we too see an opportunity to profit.

  Our use of "YaHUaH" (spelled like this) is a reasonable way to convey both
the very best phonics AND emphasize the four letters of His Name, simultaneously

The O.T. preserves His Name thousands of times and the N.T. preserves His Sabbath dozens
Elohim exalted His Name "again & again & again" !   Uncompliant people deserve His rebuke !
Stubborn disregard of all His repetition will receive mockery by YaHUaH Himself.  Prov.1:25-29
  The unrepentant who won't declare "My Holy Name" are "without excuse"  Rom.9:17  
In Jn.14:15, The Savior was actually quoting His own words from Mt. Sinai.  Ex.20:6  
  The unrepentant will awake from the dust to shame & everlasting contempt !  Dan.12:
    The unrepentant will be shamed for diminishing His Name without repentance.  Rom.13:7 

Is a person "Born Again" who is stubborn to promote a substitute name instead of YaH ? 
 Ps.68:4b ; Acts 4:12 ; Acts 10:43 ; Deu. 28:58 ! 
"Cursed be he that doeth the work of YaHUaH, deceitfully" !
Jer.48:10 (KJV)  OK ? 2 Thess. 2:10, 11,12
If you won't want Abba's Name,
after all His pleas & threats,
you're probably one heartbeat from hell-fire,
which in some way is everlasting & escape-proof
Rev.20:14 ; Mark 9:43-48 ; Lu.16:26


Looking back, it is a grief to see how we poured out love & gifts
to certain Religious Authorities for years

but when we finally learned YaHUaH's Name and told them, 
their friendliness changed to 'virtually estranged',
and we lost those "investments" in them.
One nice thing was that those pains explained & confirmed Matt.7:6a ! 
Woe unto them that obstructed the intent of  John 17:26  &  Mark 16:17b.


If Scripture requires it as a component of Salvation, it is a very "weighty matter" !    
Acts 20:27 ;  26:14 ;  4:12 ;  9:15 ; Heb.10:16 !
Our best audience is sincereBorn-Again, profitable-servants. ["Darkness comprehendeth it not"]     Treasures here are truly invisible unless you "hunger and thirst after righteousness".    Mk.8:33     Your "baptism-by-fire"  & "hunger-&-thirst" is truly voluntary.   Either you have it or you don't !!!     Your interest in His Name, will vary directly with your level of love, for your sacrificed Rescuer.  
BUT . . . you folks who see His truth and don't want it .  beware !   YaHUaH had to watch His Only Begotten Son squirming in precious blood, all day (in our place).   YaHUaH, Elohim Almighty, put it in His Scriptures that :
He will send "bait" which will "lure" disposable, unrepentant
people into damnation !   2 Thess. 2:10,11,12
Page after page after page of the Scriptures tries to persuade
people to get serious.  Matt.13:12  Damnation is forever.  Blubbering truth-resisters can't sneer then 
Would you fool with that ? 
2 Thess. 2:10,11,12 ;   Is.66:4 ;   Prov.1:24-30 ;   Jer. 9:24 
Scripture mentions Hell more than Heaven,
-and YaH's Anger more than YaH's Love.  
Get serious !  Matt.13:12   
We provide many legal Scriptures to prove that we serve you with care.    In fact, this is "Holy Ground" and does require prayer, from the heart, for truth, before reading 
But if you ever "see" & claim & assert YaHUaH, you will be much less welcome on Sundays. John 16:2 ; Rev.18:4  !  
Regardless of  Disobedient Religious Authorities, OUR DECLARATION of His Name rejoices  like one who received a holy exemption from a destructive delusion !  Rom.9:17 HallelU- YaH !   A Good Book (or website) will convey truth and love,  Scripturally.   Proud,- NEVER !  Bitter, -NEVER !   The Ques. and Comments we receive are all sensible and most welcome.  TRUTH here is a very costly effort, -to serve you, freely !  The Scriptures will ask you to serve them.  It is provided with love & prayers, to show you hidden truth, and to thank Abba for all His Kindness to us.  We want our friends to be strong.
Protect your ordained right to critical thinking & spiritual discernment, -by prayerfully comparing Scriptures.  We sure do.

You can see by the slow Visitor/Student counter that people prefer entertainment more than this. 
We can infer from one website graph about half of our visitors are in China.  Do they care more ?
We can infer from a different graph that more non-converts show interest in this than "converts". 

  Visitor/ Student


"Lukewarmbelievers drift toward foolish things. Jn.3:19     www.blasphemychallenge.com


As "a Man of War", YaHUaH is "Terrible" !
As a "Father", YaHUaH is stern.
Life is short
( tornadoes & hormones ) 
Truth like this is very rare. 
It is YaHUaH's Word "on fire !"

 It has more authority than any 
 strong man with Fame & Fortune.
It makes even 'Superman' look trivial.

Yet see how much Bully Pulpits avoid it.

 Jer.23:29;  Matt.3:11; Lu.12:51;  Heb.1:7
  Some saints felt burned by all the "threats" here.
   We feel a bit apologetic to them and rush to explain

A Warning is supposed to sound serious and threatening.
 YaHUaH'S threats are esp. to willingly-ignorant churchpeople
who diminish His Name : Deu.29:29 ; Rev.9:1 ; Rev.14:1 ; Rev.22:4. 
Scripture urges you who diminish YAHU to repent to avoid guilt and danger.
Israelite means "those who descended from Israel or form that covenant nation". 
Jews means YaHUDIM: "those who praise or declare YaHUaH" :  (Rev.2:13;3:8;22:4) 


We apologize in advance for remarks that lack sufficient context for you.
We are having to consider countless violations occurring over many years. 
 "Let us Reason Together"
ABOUT HIS NAME     Isaiah 1:18

  1. BARUCH HABA BESHEM YaHUaH !  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  2. BARUCH         HABA             BESHEM      YaHUaH ! . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  3. Blessed is he who cometh in the Name of  YaHUaH ! . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  4. BARUCH HABA BESHEM ADONAI: sly, UN-scriptural substitute !!  Jer.23:26 ; Is.65:2 ; Jer.9:14 ; Matt.23:39
  5. Both, out-at-big-crowds & here-on-the-web, YaH's Love & Warnings are to be to conveyed IN the Spirit of Love.
  6. And it hurts our heart if sweet friends feel bruised !   Yet understanding this truth should be "love at first sight" !
  7. A righteous heart, seeking truth, won't need all the persuasion here, nor have unloving reactions. Jer.23:27
  8. Study with us about YaHUaH's delights.     (Detractors study me, -like I'm more important !!!  Ps.118:17,18)
  9. Contrary detractors don’t dare dispute us "in writing" then be shamed by His Word & His Spirit !   Heb.4:12  
  10. Our detractors show less Scripture & Love to Glorify & Exalt & Magnify His Name  Ps.29:2 ; 34:3 ; Ac.19:17
  11. Giggling-growling detractors are not qualified to care about His Name.    Affection & Growth are very private.    
  12. "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant ??    To his own master he standeth or falleth !"    Rom.14:4
  13. "things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel" Ph.1:12 ; Rev.3:7,8  
  14. Other converts could describe these things better than me, but if they decline, they lose;  i.e. forfeiture is real.
  15. The Holy Spirit & we are doing all we can in this for you. For all eternity it will be true that:  We tried to tell You.
  16. We risk much time & money here, but you lukewarm & cynical critics lose more than that, ---for-all-eternity.
  17. Old men, with a white beard, on "borrowed time", are glad they didn't wait for sly "men" to tell them this Truth. 
  18. As dba St. Min. for Jesus (USRegTm) for 27 yrs, we've told many big crowds:  Realize !  Repent !  Receive !
  19. "Dead Serious" (beside Noah) means if you WON'T care what He says, you WON'T go where He is.   Ac.4:12
  20. If you are lukewarm toward YaHUShuA's sayings (Lu.14:24a) (as you are His Name), you'll be vomit.  Rev.3:16
  21. Warnings like this, by Elohim Almighty, are required to be dead serious”.  Ez.33:; Titus 3:10 ; Mk.9:43- ! 48
  22. If Moses & "the Chiefest Apostle"  (Gal.2:11),  can be corrected, then also the Scripture translators !  2Tim. 3:16
  23. Scriptural warnings here can sound unkind, --yet be valuable, 2Sam.12:7a.    [ We would serve you kindly .]
  24. Jude 1:3b teaches us to 'be contentious' defending our Basics, like defending our True Love from Danger !
  25. Wolves, swine, snakes, bastards, vomit, roadkill:   Bible-view of you unrepentant sort. Rev.3:16 ; 1Kg.13:28
  26. Screamers outside Noah's Ark were disposable with the roaches because no love was lost  Jn. 3:18; Gen.7:21
  27. YaH was tortured-to-death for filthy men who prefer football scores more than their Rescuer's Name ! Rev.22:11
  28. If your father's name gets smeared, diminished or despised, wouldn't you speak up to protect it ?  Ps.22:22a
  29. The devil's brood (Jn. 8:44) , like brute beasts (2 Pet. 2:12) , won't care about their father or his REAL name.
  30. Ministers have sputtered at me : “Restoring His Name causes divisions””.   [funny !]     Matt.17:11Rom.16:17
  31. In wrongly dividing the Word of Truth”, Dullards say YaHUShuA's sacrifice eliminated: Ex.12:2 ; [3:15+20:16] 
  32. Halleluia means WHAT??   [Your Scriptural ignorance is repulsive like a big open wound.]  Lu.19:41,42 ; 24:25
  33. Worldwide, scornful-Churchettes are indifferent-to or hostile-to His Name. (Blame “who? Jer.23:27 ; Is.56:11
  34. Sly men who offer a substitute thing resemble Bible characters who got struck dead.   Lev.10:2 ; Acts 5:5,6
  35. Sly men will be held responsible for anguish caused by their converts who sneered about My Holy Name” ! 
  36. The oldest sin in The Book is by some creature pretending to speak for the Creator, but is a willing LIAR !
  37. That name “JESUS” is used for salvation by grace, but His mom never even heard that hybrid, undefined idiom.
  38. Restoration-obstructors consent to mis-quotations of His Name !   Matt.23:39 ; Mk.12:29 ; Lu.4:; Rev.15:
  39. Dubious converts”, in countless conversations, sputter a wall of resistance against His Name. Isaiah 63:19  
  40. It's social suicide at work to assert Scripture and social suicide at church to assert YaHUShuA !   Jn.15:21
  41. Is it right to let churchjokers into a heaven who willfully diminish the Owner's Name ?  Jn.10:1 Rom.9:17d
  42. His Name appears nearly 2000 places before Jerusalem is ever even mentioned, yet Authorities hide it !
  43. We've heard great sermons that tell or yell about everything, except warnings for diminishing His Name !
  44. In Ex.23:13 YaHUaH forbade our speaking names of other gods”.  Heylel (Lucifer): mentioned only once.
  45. So Ex.23:13 forbids: LORD GOD THE POPE !     Tit. XIV, Cap. IV. Ad Callem Sexti Decretalium, Paris, 1685 
  46. You Hated Nicolaitanes, -diminish our Rescuer's Name (& agony) and care even less about our names.  Is.63:19
  47. You hated Nicolaitanes are identifiable. We see you loving preeminence & grasping for authority Rev.2:15
  48. You beloved Servants are identifiable.   We see you scripturally edifying & comforting.  Jn.14:26 ; Jn.15:26
  49. You endangered Lukewarm (cynical about His standards) hobble your own growth, like a BONSAI. 1Cor.14:38 !
  50. Our Rescuer, (among us as Love itself), was First a wonderful counselor (edifier), and Last , - a scolder.
  51. Torah(Law) did change by LOVE, but LOVE is still defined by TorahHeb.7:12; Jn.14:15 ; Matt.28:20
  52. Lesser Commandments imposed a death penalty; the greater Comm. (for His Name) is snubbed.   John 17:12
  53. Scripture prescribes about two dozen actions & honors specifically for His NameBut who cares ?   Heb.2:1
  54. Only a few of us here on planet earth will ever use or defend His Name, and even less will examine its origins !
  55. Simple doctrine preserves YaHUaH's Name. Ex.3:15 Adam & Eve kept it.   Will you spurn it ?   2Tim.4:3
  56. If you publicly downgrade His Name [ YaH (the Self-Existent One) ] , -- then yours deserves the same.
  57. Your Blotting His Name out of His scriptures, risks your name out from His Book of Life !!    Rev.22:19
  58. Lukewarm types (I Cor.14:38), lose forever, the chance to learn truth about His Name and to speak for YaH !
  59. Lukewarm converts usually break fellowship and dust off their feet rather than care about Ps.96:8a !
  60. . . . the time of the end . . . . knowledge shall be increased. Dan. 12:4             Is that rocket science only ?
  61. Tradition suppresses His Great Name, then, slanders us who obediently glorify & exalt it beyond tradition !
  62. Tradition hid it thousands of years, and now forfeits the authority to declare the intent of the Holy Spirit !
  63. Hebrew Tradition, whose letter killeth”, resists & resents our glorifying YaHUaH”.   2 Cor.3:6c; 1 Sam.17:45
  64. Orig. Heb. Script (& we) proclaim YaH & YaHUaH in thousands & thousands & thousands of places !
  65. Use the Torah (Law) for Admonitions and as a help to Acceptable Worship. 1Cor.10:11; Rev.11:18 ; Prov.28:9
  66. Rulers rule kingdoms with Rules which begin with His Name or Title. Gen.1:1, 4:1,26; Ex.20:2; Matt.24:4
  67. Surely !  There's no irritable, contrary, antagonistic, unrepentant, anti-YaHUShuA rebels when facing death
  68. Since that name Yeshua was common it would not have been hated so much as YaHUShuA !   Ac.4:18; 5:40 
  69. As with Annanias & Sapphira, Holy Spirit can pull weeds (tares)  or pull away, quietly,  -from a reprobate.
  70. Unrepentant people worldwide truly prefer to suffer avoidable misery than read Father's adviceRom.1:32
  71. Thousands of thousands of Killers proclaim the name of their god to the whole world, on their headbands.
  72. Savages send little children out to explode land mines but  they know their God's name.  Churches are dumb.
  73. Fiery TV preacher: If you're not a leader now, neither will you be in heaven !”  (which disregards Matt. 5:19)
  74. Religious Authorities cannot understand Holiness factors: Is.44:18; -56:6 Ex.20:2,7,8; -31:13 ; Rev.22:11
  75. Demotion threats, Death threats, Damnation threats, and Salvation threats revolve around His Name.
  76. Converts ! Contend for the faith !  (YaH's sword is like a machete for His name !) Ps.149:6; Jude.1:3; Lu.19:27 
  77. Gabriel, Pilate, demons, Ac.26:15 Heb.4:8,14 -all say YaHUShuA just like Moses in Nu.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
  78. Old Question:  W.W.J.D., - What Would Jesus Do ?  Answer: He would use His own Name !  YaHUShuA !
  79. Even if defiling your neighbor's wife !!! or YaHUaH's Name or Sabbath is NOT a sin, -it's still less noble !
  80. You are crooked , to avoid Zaphenath-Paneah & Jerub-Baal & Belteshazzar, then prefer Jesus”.  Phpp.2:15
  81. Holy Name-detractors  misunderstand this Truth we bring, and are good at name-calling Jn.15:21; Lu.21:12
  82. The persecution by mutilation overseas, makes persecution by scorn (against His Name) easy !     James.1:2
  83. YaH's promise in Is.56:5 looks absurd until you admit that some of his sons & daughters reject His Name !
  84. Disobedient Authorities study warfare of Body, Mind & Spirit, yet obliterate the Name of the Captain !  Heb.2:10
  85. Religious Jews preferred the criminal (Jn.18:39,40) like people now prefer Constantine the Sabbath "KILLER" !! 
  86. Religious Authorities (et al) were forbidden by ROME (29JUN08)to pray by imploring Elohim's Hebrew Name.
  87. Religious Authorities have proven to be dangerous to My Holy Name”, and dangerous to countless Crypto-Jews !
  88. Religious Authorities don't care that the King will return and purge unauthorized names.  Ex.23:13 ; Zec14:9
  89. Religious Authorities need to heed Matt.5:19 as a warning to them about what they are truly poised to lose.
  90. Religious Authorities who hide His Name from Christian Soldiers resemble governments who disarm families.
  91. Religious Authorities hold mid-night prayer meetings Dec.31, to honor WICKED Gregory's calendar vs Ex.12:!
  92. Religious Authorities hide the real meaning of DEVIL then whine when folks exercise SLANDER Pr.26:20
  93. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to dangerous homos than to My Holy Name”.  Dan.7:25a
  94. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to pagan Halloween than to My Holy Name”.  Eph.4:27
  95. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to graven images than to My Holy Name”. 1Jn.3:4 ; Ex.20:
  96. Religious Authorities COWER to petty frowns of petty peers more than to  The Word  set-up to Judge them !
  97. Religious Authorities compile contemptible "bibles" by omitting inspired words yet label them "HOLY".   Lu. 2:33
  98. Religious Authorities (et al) were forbidden by ROME (29JUN08) to pray by imploring Elohim's Hebrew Name.
  99. Religious Authorities set-up Good Friday by the day of the week”.  YaH says: day of the month  Ex.12:6
  100. Religious Authorities avoid Thy kingdom come because IT won't submit to their Name-Substitution.  Zec14:9
  101. Religious Authorities avoid Thy kingdom come.   IT will reverse Rome's Day of Rest !  Mic. 4:2b,3a ; Is. 2:1-4
  102. Dogs”,  cannot understand Is.56:11, and are not to be given My Holy Name  Matt.7:6a; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  103. They cannot understand us who renew(Rom.12:2), and prefer YaH's Name & TORAH & N.T. more than TV.
  104. They cannot understand: -the difference between the Old covenant (which vanished away) and the TORAH !
  105. They cannot understand: -Old Covenant vanished; TORAH remains quotable (Jer.31:31) & for profit Matt.5:19
  106. They cannot understand: -4th Beast Power(Matt.20:19; Dan.7:25);claims the change to Sunday ! Council Trent
  107. They cannot understand: -If calendar experts compute to 1/1000 day, -then jews can surely count to seven.
  108. They cannot understand: -that jews, like the wise men, were expected to know Him: Dan.9:25; Lu.19:42
  109. They cannot understand: -Rom.8:29; Col.3:10; Matt.5:28 are  the mastery for us Priests&Kings Rom.14:all
  110. They cannot understand: -they're required to separate the clean from the unclean (maggots). Ez.22:26; 44:23
  111. They cannot understand: -they're required to separate the Menorah from Santa & Reindeer.  Ez.22:26 ; 44:23
  112. They cannot understand: -soapprove pigs & snakes at Yah's exquisite Marriage Supper of the Lamb ! 1Pet.1:16
  113. They cannot understand: -that blood-washed, grafted-in, chosen, adopted gentiles ARE Nazarene Israelites !
  114. They cannot understand: -Nazarene Israelites ARE members of tribes !!   Jer.31:31-36; Rev.21:12; Ez.47:22
  115. They cannot understand: -(or declare) four simple steps (calendar facts) which fix Lu.2:11 at Tabernacles !
  116. They cannot understand: -Gabriel'Dec. visit was private; Big Celebrations were deferred nine monthsLu.2:11
  117. They cannot understand: -or declare: Dec. 25th / Kislev 25th approximates Gabriel's visit , not Messiah's birth.
  118. They cannot understand: -modesty on Dec.25 is fine, but heaven celebrated with the angels at Tabernacles.
  119. They cannot understand: -forcing Dec.25 @ Lu.2:11 steals from His commemoration of Feast of Tabernacles
  120. They cannot understand: -that Gabriel in Lu.1:28 & the angel in Lu.2:11 both spoke Hebrew saying YaHUaH !
  121. They cannot understand: -to study YaH'Appointed Times for guidance on His second coming: Lev.23:28-30.
  122. They cannot understand: -angels explained twice why His Name is YaH by role &  title:  Matt.1:21; Lu.2:11 .
  123. They cannot understand: -they prefer to use the devolved, demeaning substitute in Neh.8:17, instead of YaH !
  124. They cannot understand: -BornAgain  Growth Heb.6:1; Acts 24:14  ;   righteous Holy > Rev.22:11 
  125. They cannot understand: -Jesus (Ac. 7:45 & 59 ! ) identical spellings in Greek demand identical in Hebrew !
  126. They cannot understand: -that sin is STILL a transgression of the TORAH !”  Rom.3:31; -7:14 ; 1 John 3:4
  127. They cannot understand: -while they protest sin (SIN= to miss the target ) , -they themselves miss His Name.
  128. They cannot understand: -as they are bold to impose their errors, -overcomers shall be bolder,later! Rev.3:11
  129. They cannot understand: -they rebeled and Fed not my flock (Is.56:11)  about My Holy Name !   Ez. 34:8
  130. They cannot understand: -Sunday is inferior to Sabbath;  'jesus' is inferior to YaHUShuA !           Ez. 20:20 !!
  131. They cannot understand: -most all Bibles since 1880 are influenced by two filthy, cursed perverts.   REPEAT !!
  132. They cannot understand:  the "so-called KJV center-verse" is Ps.103:1, which says to bless His Holy Name !|:o))
  133. They cannot understand: -all Ten Comm. get cited as perpetual in the New Covenant.    Rom.3:31; Rev.12:17
  134. They cannot understand: -YaH scatters His Israel by wrenchingHos.6:1; Ez.4:13; Neh.1:8-11; Zec.10:6-9;13:9
  135. They cannot understand: -their own bold sin of preserving the Hebrew names of false gods and not YaH'!
  136. They cannot understand: -their disrespect (nor to fear damnation) for removing His Name. Rev.1:1; 22:18,19
  137. Dogs”,  cannot understand Is.56:11, and are not to be given My Holy Name  Matt.7:6a; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  138. Dogs,   pulpiteers & writers, now grab & parrot what we suffer to provide, with no heart to give honor”.
  139. Dogs  now follow popular trends to  His Real Name, but won't repent publicly for damages to us or you !
  140. Go ahead !!!  Try the spirit of a dog and see what you get.> 1Jn.4:1 “...by their fruits you shall know them.”
  141. They don't declare His Name (Rom.9:17d) ; they diminish it (Ex.30:7).      Some will be whipped (Lu.12:47) !
  142. The signboard by Roman Pontius Pilate declared YaHUShuA better than 2000 years of clamorous pulpiteers
  143. YaH cannot lie”, but pulpiteers & translators can & do: Deu.32:35 !     ”I am YaHUaH thy Elohim    Ex.20:2
  144. All this is best understood by born again people.    You Lukewarm & Stubborn choose ignorance.     Job 17:4
  145. King Jehoiakim & Jehudi (ex. Bible rebels) cut out scriptures (such as His Name) using a penknife”.   Jer.36:23
  146. Death by stoning was decreed for blasphemy and for luring folks to another Elohim !  Lev.24:16 Deu.13:1-13
  147. Countless thousands have sung Ps.113:3 unto His Name like puppetsbut have never even been told what it is !
  148. Dead Serious: Key of Knowledge, Lu.11:52;  Strait (narrow) is the Gate, Matt.7:14; NONE other Name, Acts4:12
  149. You don't have to bet your life on the phonics offered here just don't defend the undefined substitute jesus”.
  150. Numerous Holy Scriptures say His Name is involved (or essential) to be saved,  Y E T it gets obscured !  Ac.4:12
  151. Obedience> ”Born Again”: Ac.2:38;15:24  ? Obedience> ”Grow”: Ac.15:17,19,20,21 (2Pet.3:18a;Eph.4:15)
  152. Without a firm scepter [the Ten Comm. &  Name of YaH]  dumb sheep swoon into dumb pastor-worship.
  153. YouTube videos show converts being mocked. They look weak w/o the use of the Ten Comm.    1Jn.3:4
  154. Ten Comm.: - worsens Guilty Verdict to incinerate non-converts; but is a Perfect Law of Liberty to converts.
  155. Both “John & YaHUShuA were probably conceived & born by both Solstices & both Equinoxes !! Lu.1:5   Abiah
  156. "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" violates His Calendar.  "Merry Sukkot & Happy Pesach" is better !!  Ex.12:2
  157. In Ex.3:14 (I am that I am”) I AM describes Himself.  In Ex.3:15 (YaHUaH”) YaH tells US how to describe.
  158. Religion(unscriptural ritual) & Legalism(forced demands) are filthyHonor due His Name, is Holiness. Ps.29:2
  159. Our Rescuer's threats are user-friendly IF you can see them as guardians around your doctrinal perimeter. 
  160. He was disrobed on a cold day, -made to squirm on a bloody board (worse than a mad-dog !),  in our place.
  161. He obtained for us fullness of joy & pleasures forevemore”; yet you scoffers diminish His Name Jer.23:27
  162. Do you dare diminishEx.9:16b ; 2 Sam.7:26 ; Ez.39:?????    Threats & Restorations by YaH are here now !
  163. YaHUShuA spoke to protect every jot & tittle , yet mere men play the fool to obliterate His very Name !
  164. Over time, translators have given lower & lower regard to a word-for-word translation, starting with His Name.
  165. Denominational Authorities compile a TALMUD (not Torah) of Rules that conflict with the Apostles' Doctrine.
  166. No one except Born Again people want to magnify YaHUShuA's G-dhead or Name. 1Cor.12:3a ; Acts 19:17
  167. Yet no other noun or topic is mentioned more often in The Bible than His Name : YaHUaH ×7000 !...
  168. Determining YaHUaH's Name is as simple as common sense, even without any fluency in Hebrew.
  169. Where Ps.34:3 says to magnify YaHUaH”, it means the person first, -then the Name YHWH (itself), second.
  170. Where Rev.15:4 says to glorify His Name”, it means to give it the highest honors and meanings possible.
  171. Old Covenant (for Salvation) is heresy  Yet TORAH remains quotable. Rom.8:29a; Matt.28:20; Acts 5:5-10
  172. Disobedient & Lukewarm & Stubborn (about His Name) do forfeit authority , and will step aside”. Rev.3:8,11
  173. Transfer of authority is from the care-less to the care-ful; and Heylel steals much by hiding YaH's Name. Jn.10:1
  174. IF, --IF mutilation in Rev.17:16 is on a Sunday-Enforcer , --THEN little Sunday-keepers keep bad-company !
  175. The “Mother of Harlots” and her anti-Sabbath daughters  leer !  Rev.17:5; Ps.37:32  Warning: Rev.18:4
  176. The Mother of Harlots and her anti-Sabbath daughters fulfill Dan.7:25a ! Times = Feasts; Laws = Torah
  177. In Daniel, the 4th Beast Power is Rome; it depriveth the Whole World by diminishing His Name.      Rev.12:9
  178. In Daniel, the 4th Beast Power is Romeit depriveth the Whole World by diminishing His Calendar.  Rev.12:9
  179. Captives(2Tim.2:26)  of that Beast Power(Dan.7:19-22)  always diminish(1Jn. 4:1a)  YaH's Name & Sabbath.
  180. Mutilations done to True Love by that Beast Power, left Daniel sick.    Dan.7:7-25 ; 8:27  ;   Rev.12:18:4
  181. The Beast in Rev. used a false prophet.  [-amazing similarity: Catechism 841 !!!] ;   Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10
  182. YaH'Basics of Creation (Name & Sabbath & gender) are not to be mutilated, but preserved !        Gen.1:31
  183. A substitute Sabbath Day and Holy Name does resemble a substitute Religion.   [John 6:37b]   Rom.8:9b
  184. History says Pope Gregory massacred, then celebrated wildly,  -yet his calendar is preferred, over YaHUaH's.
  185. The KJV changes YaHUaH to LORD virtually 7000 times and changes it to Jehovah four times !
  186. The KJV is wonderful, but in Is.26:4 it robs H#3050 of YaH; -it both robs & switches H#3068 of YaHUaH.
  187. The KJV @ Ex.23:17++ says, Lord GOD for Heb.#3068 Heb.#3068. (( We prefer YHWH YHWH” ! )) 
  188. The KJV original did show YaHUaH's Hebrew Name, using Hebrew letters, two places !    But not since !
  189. The KJV-1611 was revised at least twice, to correct typos & scribal inconsistencies but not My Holy Name”.
  190. The KJV trained us to prefer pagan substitutes: LORD & GOD, for 400 yrs.     This website supercedes that !
  191. The KJV is inconsistent (or falsifies?) YaH/Heb.#3050 in Ps.68:4 & 18 !     [v.4 asserts YaH, v.18 refuses !]
  192. The KJV still mis-names one Jacob as James,  Passover as Easter (pagan Ishtar)&  YaHUaH as LORD.
  193. The KJV Greek word devil should have been translated into this useable English word: Slanderer !
  194. The KJV Greek word christ should have been translated into this meaningful English word: Annointed !
  195. The KJV has been translated into 1100 languages, and Shakespeare has been translated into 50 languages
  196. King James & Shakespeare were great.   But I declare YaHUaH more than both of those giants  Rom.9:17 
  197. FYI:  King James was actually spoken as King “Yames”.  That same letter “Y”= the Heb. yod  as seen in YaH !
  198. We here have our faults, -sure ! , but  'too cowardly to proclaim YaHUaH & YaHUShuA', is not one  Ps.45:17a
  199. And when it's party-time, we here, can party-fine !   Lu.15:23,24,25   Our sense-of-humor & joy is energized !
  200. BAAL & YaHUaH = proper-namesBAAL always means LORD. YaHUaH NEVER means LORD ! Jer.23:26
  201. Both Baal & Adonai mean lord.   [Baal= H#1168 x 51 ;  Adon= H#113/136 x 700]     {El= H#410,H#430}
  202. Both Baal & Adonai mean lord.  -never together in same verse; -wiser to avoid lord;  -specify Baal or Adonai
  203. Baal=satan=devil=Lucifer as references to Heylel H#1966 !   Lord can substitute Adonai, but never >YHWH !
  204. The Hebrew name of our predator appears once, Heylel (H#1966) (Is.14:12) ;  of YHWH  (H#3068) ×7000 !
  205. Heylel: acclaimed as Lucifer! Light-Bearer! Shining-One! Morning Star YaH: Self-Existent One, is obscured !
  206. Translators gave us the English letters B-a'a-l for Hebrew letters Ba'al and could have given: YHWH for YHWH !
  207. Translators gave us the English letters for Dan.5:25 unearthly letters  and could have given: YHWH for YHWH !
  208. That name Judas is unpopular, and Fido & Bozo are not defined-jesus as an idiom is a decoy from grandeur.
  209. "Abraham" and "Joshua" are "magnified" names because letters & meanings are added !   Don't diminish "Yah".
  210. Since YaHUaH is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever, then His Name is also the same, forever !  Ex.3:15 
  211. In a sea of a dozen billion folks, Churchjokers banter that they can get their own significance without His Name.
  212. Implacable churchjokers debate Acts 4:12a,b , -that they can die better W/O the Rescuer's real Name. Rom.1:31
  213. Ques.: Will only a tiny sect of us (out of a dozen billion people) love & declare YaHUaH” ??   Rev.7:2,3 ; 14:1
  214. Cain & Abel: warns us what you church-rebels will do to us if your substitute worship is declared unacceptable
  215. Hypocrites commonly sigh & sing Just a Closer Walk with Thee then snub/sneer Elohim's Name, YaHUaH !
  216. YaHUShuA declared YaHUaH (Mk.14:62 / Ps.110:1/Lu.16:17) even on-trial for you (Mk.14:64) !  Will you ?
  217. YaHUShuA repeatedly warned His sheep to Take heed that no man deceive you !”    -Get serious !  Matt.24:4
  218. Beware : frowning petty peers who do not hunger & thirst will slow you down more than your own insight”.
  219. Toshun to declare” Apostles' Doctrine(Ac.2:42)  & traditions(2Thess.2:15) ,  is “bloody”(Ac.20:26,27)!!
  220. IF you won't resent the "theft" of His Name, -THEN you shouldn't resent the confiscation of a crown.   Rev.3:11
  221. Devils & reprobates cannot (i.e. NOT-ALLOWED) to repent !                                Is.66:; 2Thess.2:10,11,12
  222. If you repent, - you repent ; if you don't, - you don't ; but a deal is a deal, -y'know, ...... in this case, forever !
  223. Immanuel is a Title or adjective more than a Name see: Is.7:14 ; Is.8:8 ; Is.8:10 ; Matt.1:23 ; Isaiah 9:6c
  224. You can evade deceivers, -then deceive your own selfif you decline to declare YaHUaH's Name !!!  Rom.9:17c  
  225. Will you leave it all up to a tiny few of us to obey & pursue authority of Rom.9:17while you just STEP ASIDE ?
  226. Several profoundly disabled men are now laying up treasure (and taking crowns W/O apologyby His Name !
  227. Millions of vigorous worshippers get robbed by men-pleaser-authorities who diminish that Name from Gabriel !
  228. Most of you see YaHUaH just like you would have seen Noah's Ark while Noah was building & preaching.
  229. Unrepentant rebels who mutter that YaH's Name is too divisive, deserve the cruelty of the alternative.  Rev.13:17 
  230. Disobedient Religious Authorities emphasize tithing but diminish YaH”, contrary to Ex.20:2,7 !  Matt.23:23, 13
  231. Disobedience is inferior.   Obedience is superior.    Superiority receives authority from YaH !       1 Sam.15:28
  232. The serpent in EDEN lost his hands & feet & virtually his real name.  His revenge was similar: Calvary & Name.
  233. Personal legalities expect everyone to use a real name, not some vague AKA or DBA or ALIAS  (like Jesus !) !
  234. Scripture cannot be broken John 10:35b (esp. His Name), yet His Name is the one that is broken most often !
  235. Sound doctrines you never see :  persecution>>2Tim.3:12 ; affection>>Jn.13:34 ; Holy Name>>Rom.9:17
  236. Ugly, unpredictable THREAT: 2Thess.2:10,11,12        [[Holy Spirit sets your Point of No Return”]] Ecc.3:14
  237. Worldwide (ignorance-of & hostility-to YaH's Name) was devised by sly men (dogs).   Jer.23:27 ; DAN.12:10
  238. Paul was dangerously cryptic* (2Pet.3:16) to some people ; Bible parables filtered out others  Matt.13:13,14
  239. Disobedient Religious Authorities publicly diminish My Holy Name and thereby disobey the  1st & 6th Comm.
  240. I was a Bible-reading, obedient-employee for 47yrs W/O one direct co-worker who claimed to be Born Again !!
  241. One more spiritual pain is that in my whole long life, only once , has a stranger cared to ask if I was Born Again.
  242. Hallelu-YaH tries to tell us His Name, worldwide ! ;  to obscure “YaH” is inexcusable & punishable !    Is.9:16
  243. YaHUaH put His Name at Jerusalem !, and may restrict the access of sly leaders2Chr.6:6; Rom.9:17; Gal.6:7
  244. But since we do declare His Name (Rom.9:17), let us dwell nearer Jerusalem where He put His Name. 2Kgs.21:4
  245. Bastards, snakes, vomit, roadkill: Bible-style contempt for you unrepentant sort. 1Kgs.13:24; Mk.13:20; Rev.3:16
  246. Dogs oppose Ps.72:17a,b, & guilty of John 5:42,43a !  Others kept out of New Jerusalem.  Rev22:15; Tit.1:13
  247. Dogs”,  cannot understand Is.56:11, and are not to be given My Holy Name  Matt.7:6a ; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  248. Disobedient Religious Authorities could be dogs ? (or worse) in Scripture  Is.56:11 ; Philip.3:2a;  Matt.23:33
  249. Dear Adam & Eve”,                                                                              XXX
  250. First, -humbly discern who are dogs, THEN you obey:  >> “Give not My Holy Name to dogs” >> Matt.7:6a

 The "Fullness of the Godhead" said silly men build their houses on sand. To prefer a substitute for "YaHUaH", is sand.
 Falsified Names will burn: "wood, hay & stubble" !   Unrepentant people: disposed-of like "chaff in the wind" !  Ps.1:4
 Rods of Iron:  Noah's Ark; Ez.9:4,5,6; Ez.14:13,14,18; Tit.3:10;  Mark 4:10,11,12 !    YHWH  says so: Prov.1:28,29

The beggars in Matt.7:22 will include high church leaders who held the truth in unrighteousness.  Rom.1:18 !!!!

Dogs can be wonderful as "man's best friend".       But,  -some things they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18
Dogs can be wonderful as "man's best friend".       But,  -some things they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18

Wolves = Ravenous; Dogs = Loveable, ---but truth, like Yah & seven they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18

Don't get all mixed upWe did not tell Isaiah to write "dogs" in Is.56:11 It was YaHUaH, Elohim Almighty ! 
Don't get all mixed upTrust me ! we did not tell  the "Fullness of the Godhead"!  to say "dogs" !   Matt.7:6a !
Don't get all mixed upMost all kinds of dogs are fun, and we can play.   Some are dangerous, or vicious.
Don't get all mixed up.  The Gospel itself is precious , even if the preacher is sly !  Philippians 1:15,16,17,18 
Don't get all mixed up.
  Do remember YaHUaH's quote about "dogs", but not more than His Name, please !

Some "dogs" virtually blame us for that dreadful word "dogs" in Is. 56:11 [because "dogs" will be "dogs"]. 
Hirelings can preserve their prominence by "parroting" just any Name their local people prefer !  Rev.2:16 
It"s "social suicide" on-the-job to talk Scriptureand "social suicide" at church to talk of YaHUShuA ! Jn.15:21

John the Baptist was much more tough & bold & severe than me.  He might say,
"The Rescuer will separate the sheep from the goats (Matt.25:33) , but YOU are expected to
separate the sheep from the "dogs"".  (Matt.7:6a)     Practice, practice, -someday you will judge Angels   

Go ahead !  "Test" the spirit of a "dog".  1Jn.4:1   See what you get.  Matt.7:20 !  Did they want His Name ?
You need to see for yourself that they are too proud (less humble) than you, to honor & respond to truth here.
Such "dogs" who become wise (Micah 6:9) (including me) do repent, and then give His Name , selectively !
NOTE:  The Rescuer's Truth, like Matt.7:6a, can require very great courage to obey and repeat, selectively.

Matt. 7:6a&b are both still true & dangerous, now, 2000 years later, and it is quite easy to prove. 
One minister sternly admonished us !  He said restoring "My  Holy  Name" will "cause divisions" !  Rev.22:11
"Cursed be  he that doeth the work of YaHUaH, deceitfully" !  Jer.48:10 (KJV) OK ?  2 Thess. 2:10, 11,12 
"Wolves in sheep's clothing are not sheep !".   So, -- The King is coming back with fire in His eyes.  Rev.19:12 
Those who "do understand" & resist, are Disobedient Religious Authorities. Dan.12:10 ; Deu.29:29 ; Lu.12:47 
"Dogs" resist Ps.72:17a,b, and resist John 5:42,43aOthers are kept out of NewJerusalem. Rev22:15;Tit.1:13 
They diminish my Father's truth: "My Holy Name" and His Seal (whose elements are in the Fourth Comm).  

At a public prayer meeting, an Ecumenical lead "dog" honored the prayer of a visitor who follows a demonic 
Plan of Salvation.  Then someone else prayed in the name of Yah (Ps.68:4b KJV).  Promptly & forcefully &
contrarily the "dog" "hammered" "in Jesus's name" a dozen times, struggling against Yah's Name YaH !!  
Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve to get corrected & deposed by "unlearned fishermen".   Acts 4:13

Now it's your turn. >>  Rom.9:17  You will or you won't declare His Name like He wants Rom.9:17
You who won'Proclaim His Name & Sabbath resemble  the 90%  who wouldn't return from Babylon   
Rev.18:2, 4    Remember ! !  Rev.21:8 says you fearful deserve the Lake of Fire just like murderers !!! !!! !!!
Do you really plan to wait on some Sunday Worshipping "dog" to lead you to this truth ?  Is.58:1 ! 
Please don't get all mixed upOur prayers go with you.
Without obedience, Prayers are disgusting.  Jer.7:16; Jer.9:16; Jer.13:14;
Prov.28:9 ! Prov.28:9 ! Ps.1:4

This list received a leading-by and a blessing-from the Holy Spirit, which . . . . shifts a burden to you.  
You are now duty-bound to pray & decide if this is just a pile of facts & opinions without any consequences 
for you, or a serious message of Threats & Restoration by the Holy Spirit.   ok ?
Typically, little bastards can't know the name of their Father, but worse is churchy-people who don't care-to !

Some of Paul's remarks which "abandoned" the law can be better understood  (2Pet.3:16) when we
rightly divide whether he referred to its prophecies or all the TORAH or  ANIMAL-SACRIFICE portion,  etc. 
[[But it is "disqualified" as the highest provision  "for salvation" !, "for salvation!, "for salvation!]]
But it is "disqualified" as the highest provision  "for salvation" !, "for salvation!, "for salvation!]]

Parables, Prophecies, Dark Sayings and Covenants:   -you will, repeat WILL "connect the dots" or else.
"The simplicity that is in Christ" is the provision "for salvation
!    2Cor.11:

"the Law was added" Gal.3:19, 
"the Law was changed" Heb.7:12
BUT . . . . . . . . .
People have never been saved by Laws.
People have always been saved by grace.

But the King's Court detests you who are willingly ignorant and too stubborn to grow.
 Prov. 4:7 ; 2Pet.3:18 

The Rescuer
of the Whole World DID use some parables to "filter-out" certain people ! WoW (John 8:10)  
And again: The Apostle Paul was dangerously cryptic*  to those who twist the scriptures.  (2Pet.3:16) 
[Over the years, Catholics always prove to be far superior in familiarity with Yah's Hebrew Name. Heb.6:1]
Over the years, Catholics always seem to be far inferior in familiarity with Yah's Plan of Salvation.  Jn.3:3]

Torah retains some binding instructions in prophecy & feasts & doctrines & acceptable-worship-for-growth.
Rev. 14:12  
"Here is the patience of the saints:
here are they that keep the commandments of God
and the faith of YaHUShuA"    (Jn. 5:37 ;  Matt. 28:20)     


 "Iron sharpeneth Iron"

ABOUT HIS NAME     Prov.27:17 ; Isaiah 9:16

  1. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to poor converts in little village of Berea (to authenticate His name).
  2. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators in 100± B.C., who wrote YaH's Sinai signature !
  3. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators in 100± A.D., who wrote joshua=jesus in Gr. !
  4. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators of 100± A.D., now write jesusjoshua in Eng. !
  5. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to common sense praying for Jerusalem using "LORD" ! 2Ch.6:6
  6. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to brats, willing to diminish Father's name then claim inspiration.
  7. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to EVE !  Unlike them, she did declare: "YaHUaH"!    Gen.4:1,26
  8. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to primitive people w/o B.S./M.S./Ph.D. who WILL tell His Name !
  9. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to average reader of 2000 yrs ago when they disregard Rom.9:17.
  10. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to little bigots (i.e. the ecumenicals who DO use "YaH"). 1Ki.18:21
  11. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to News Media by hiding greater truth & risk greater guilt. Ac.20:27
  12. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to a pagan King, Es.6:4. Unlike him they withhold honor. Rom.13:7
  13. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to killer-terrorists who do declare  their god's Name !    Rom.9:17
  14. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to real Evangelists who assert "Repent" & "YaHUShuA".  Lu.13:3,5
  15. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to know YaH's Gate is narrow yet prefer a substitute Name.  Mk.7:7
  16. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to diminish YaH's Name, then expect help.   Rom.10:13; Matt.5:19
  17. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to intent of Scripture: -to utter "YaHUaH" continuously. 1Kgs.19:11 
  18. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior by peddling 300+ Bibles omitting His Name and Joseph's ! Lu.2:33
  19. Disobedient Religious Authorities in Nigeria (Hausa Bible translation) substituted Allah (of Koran) for YaHUaH
  20. Disobedient Religious Authorities amused or frustrated here (instead of ashamed) cannot teach about repentance.
  21. Disobedient Religious Authorities become uncharitable when pressed for real truth about His Name. Try it & see !
  22. Disobedient Religious Authorities who diminish His Name, sow discord, which is a serious abomination. Prov.6:19
  23. Disobedient Religious Authorities are personally threatened by YaHUaH.    Too fecal to discuss.   Mal. 2:1,2,3
  24. Disobedient Religious Authorities fear little frowns by little peers more than big Bible warnings. Deu.28:58;29:29
  25. Disobedient Religious Authorities protect their authority more than His Name or your education about His Name.
  26. Disobedient Religious Authorities know the Almighty said "My Holy Name" twelve times, but won't teach it
  27. Disobedient Religious Authorities know His Ten Comm. signed His Name sixteen times, but won't teach it !
  28. Disobedient Religious Authorities know: the first phrase in First Commandment is His Name, but won't teach it !
  29. Disobedient Religious Authorities may spend a lifetime on vague prophecies yet disregard His name 7000× !
  30. Disobedient Religious Authorities collect your money & bury you & "send you away" W/O the Name of your G-d.
  31. Disobedient Religious Authorities obscured YaH's Name & left it estranged & "forgotten" Matt.24:4 ; Jer.23:27a 
  32. Disobedient Religious Authorities make Dallas the "Jesus Capital" of planet earth, --but devoid of "YaH" ! [sly]
  33. Disobedient Religious Authorities when told YaHUaH's Name, snub us here & Moses Ex.3:14,15 ; Matt.7:6a
  34. Disobedient Religious Authorities ignore the mandate: "My people shall know My Name." Is.52:6 ; Jer.44:26-28
  35. Disobedient Religious Authorities subvert the admonition: "Let everything that hath breath praise YaHUaH" !
  36. Disobedient Religious Authorities lack explicit, defined-authority  to use "jesus" to exorcise. Mk.16:17; Ac.19:15 
  37. Disobedient Religious Authorities confuse  Name  & Title:  Jer.10:6b,-44:26; Is.42:8; Mal.1:6,11,14 ; Ps. 7:17 !!
  38. Disobedient Religious Authorities shout belligerent condemnations, -yet resent these true restorations. Matt.17:11
  39. Disobedient Religious Authorities repeatedly claim to "Major on the majors . . .",  yet quench His Name !  [sly]
  40. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't care that true prophets in scripture specified: "Thus saith YaHUaH" !
  41. Disobedient Religious Authorities & KJV impose numerous Hebrew words (except His for His Name).  Jn.19:17 
  42. Disobedient Religious Authorities substitute "jews" (an ugly little idiom) in place of "YaHUDIM",  - 244 places !
  43. Disobedient Religious Authorities duly emphasize Rom.10:9,10,  then comparatively hide its criterion: v.13 !
  44. Disobedient Religious Authorities will lose crowns for misapplying the "Ten Comm." & his Name.   Ps.19:7a  
  45. Disobedient Religious Authorities avoid "remnant", Rev.12:17, where commandments promote His Name
  46. Disobedient Religious Authorities do not clarify that YaHUShuA weilded "YaHUaH" while in the wilderness !
  47. Disobedient Religious Authorities can pray & fast 40-days, yet refuse to "Love", "Fear", "Declare", - His Name.
  48. Disobedient Religious Authorities even with grand Seminary Degrees, repress the meaning of: "Halleluia" ! 
  49. Disobedient Religious Authorities define "Halleluia" & His Holy Name by using "jehovah" and feel no shame !
  50. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't care that Greek never used a "J", or Paleo-Hebrew never used a "V"
  51. Disobedient Religious Authorities resemble Cain & Jereboam who invented and preferred their own terms
  52. Disobedient Religious Authorities who demand "Sola Scriptura" then diminish Ex.20:7, -are deceived ! Rev.12:9
  53. Disobedient Religious Authorities led all of us away from the basics of Jude 1:3, & "remnant" in Rev. 12:17 !
  54. Disobedient Religious Authorities who subvert YaH as a seal, preach "another Jesus"! Ez.9:4,5;  Rev.7:3; 22:4
  55. Disobedient Religious Authorities dare to train us to "bow & confess" to TWO wrong nameS  !  Philip.2:10,11 
  56. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Hebrew: Dagon, Moloch, Tammuz, Ishtar, Chemosh & Baal, but not YaH ! 
  57. Disobedient Religious Authorities impose "LORD" or HaShem or Baal or Adonai more than YaHUaH  Jer. 12:16
  58. Disobedient Religious Authorities who defend counterfeit names by bigotry,  -do defy YaH's warning !  Ex. 20:7
  59. Disobedient Religious Authorities readily alter what YaH said He would not alter. Ps.89:34 ; Ex.19:9; 20:5,22
  60. Disobedient Religious Authorities quote  Matt. 5:18, then discard these very letters that spell His Name !  
  61. Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend to be immune to Rev.12:9a  & YaH !  ["deceiveth the whole world"] 
  62. Disobedient Religious Authorities thunder the names of Reformation Sunday-keeping heroes, but not YaH !  
  63. Disobedient Religious Authorities diminish His Loving Name while adversaries proclaim unLoving names.  [sly]
  64. Disobedient Religious Authorities dupe converts to "declare" themselves as Elders but  don't "declare" His Name ! 
  65. Disobedient Religious Authorities leave us unprepared to use His Name "YaHUaH" to cast out The Slanderer ! 
  66. Disobedient Religious Authorities leave your-love-for-His-Name dumb,  -like 'pushers' leave your brain dumb.
  67. Disobedient Religious Authorities hide this "Key of Knowledge" like "thieves & robbers".  Lu.11:52; Jn.10:8
  68. Disobedient Religious Authorities wouldn't tell you about a Concordance  based on His Name, or this website.
  69. Disobedient Religious Authorities who bury His Name do resemble the damned soul in Matt. 25:25,30 ! ! !
  70. Disobedient Religious Authorities may prefer to be 'infiltrated & scattered' by witches more than declare His Name !
  71. Disobedient Religious Authorities never encourage humble "street" evangelists to tell the crowds His Name.
  72. Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve subjugation to Torah-"observant" youth who love His Name. Is.3:4
  73. Disobedient Religious Authorities mumble "hallowed be thy name", then always diminish it !     Exodus 20:7
  74. Disobedient Religious Authorities robbed & shamed countless passionate songs & singers of His dear Name !
  75. Disobedient Religious Authorities use E.L.S. de-coding and find "Yeshua" everywhere, but it's not His Name
  76. Disobedient Religious Authorities urge exhausting frequent attendance, then impose LORD as YaH's name
  77. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Lexicons by genius Gesenius, yet hide his assertion of "hu" in YaHUaH.
  78. Disobedient Religious Authorities Dishonor Acts 15:17 -21 where scripture Honors  His Name [& Sabbaths] !
  79. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer their land NOT be healed more than be called "YaHUDIM" 2Chr.7:14
  80. Disobedient Religious Authorities (& European kings) killed countless people to suppress Bible truth like YaH"
  81. Disobedient Religious Authorities avert YaH's Name just like the town drunks & pimps avert their preaching.
  82. Disobedient Religious Authorities know counterfeit names will be "rooted up" but yet don't repent.   Matt.15:13 
  83. Disobedient Religious Authorities could be hirelings if they won't use Ps.68:4b & Is. 42:8 in 1Kg.18:24 ! (KJV)
  84. Disobedient Religious Authorities pervert the Spirit of Truth to pervert YaH’s Name.  Dangerous x 2 !  Rev.3:16
  85. Disobedient Religious Authorities know "J" is recent and never used in Greek or Hebrew, but force it on us
  86. Disobedient Religious Authorities dangerously neglect YaHUShuA's emphasis on "YaHUaH" !     Jn.17:6,11,12
  87. Disobedient Religious Authorities left us sheep to face skillful  Muslims  who can prove His Name is YaHUaH. 
  88. Disobedient Religious Authorities can see that the Hebrew letter for "U" in HalleluYaH is same in YaHUaH !
  89. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer to use the pagan terms like Lord or "Gawd".  Ex.23:13; Heb.# 1408
  90. Disobedient Religious Authorities double-dare: "YaHUaH is a man of War; YaHUaH is His Name." Ex.15:
  91. Disobedient Religious Authorities demolished our defensive fortification provided as a refuge.     Prov.18:10 
  92. Disobedient Religious Authorities shout "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" then hide His Name !
  93. Disobedient Religious Authorities misquote(reverse) Ps.34:3 then supress His Name, - then loathe correction !
  94. Disobedient Religious Authorities virtually play "daredevil" against the warnings in John 5:43 & John 9:41 !
  95. Disobedient Religious Authorities obviously dispute Ps.72:17 which claims YaHUaH's Name is unchangeable
  96. Disobedient Religious Authorities visit Mexico with a pet named Brownie & won't even change the dog's name.
  97. Disobedient Religious Authorities may admit that Bibles delete "YaHUaH" 6,823 times.  TRUE count is 7000±!
  98. Disobedient Religious Authorities accomodate homos and Xmas trees more than "My Holy Name !   Jer.10:1-5
  99. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't be there to hold your sly, shaky hand at your judgement !     Dan.5:6
  100. Disobedient Religious Authorities know YaHUaH spoke His Own Name, but they won't do it.  Ex.34:5,6  
  101. Disobedient Religious Authorities knowingly ignore specific directions to "FEAR" and to "REVERE" His Name !
  102. Disobedient Religious Authorities know this is coming >> Philipp.2:1 << and still don't tell us His Name !
  103. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Bible search-programs which are blind to His name in a 1000+ places ! 
  104. Disobedient Religious Authorities already know John 5:43 but won't be open and honest about it publicly.  
  105. Disobedient Religious Authorities ignore YaH's heart to upgrade saints' names, then diminish His.   Mk.12:19 
  106. Disobedient Religious Authorities dare to tell Some Father what Name He must call His Only Begotten Son !
  107. Disobedient Religious Authorities produce deluded students who screech that it's OK to fool with His Name.
  108. Disobedient Religious Authorities know Ex.3:15b fixes that exact Name unto all generations,  -yet pervert it !
  109. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: perpetuation of Sabbaths & Feast Days !  SEE : Acts 2:1; 15:21,22
  110. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that the Hebrew word "YaH" is very Majestic !   Heb.#3050 !   [sly] 
  111. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that the Hebrew word "hovah" is an evil word !       Heb.#1942,43
  112. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that our Father's Name is protection.      John 17:11b; Pro.18:10 !
  113. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that Bible saints never even uttered - "jew" or "judah" ! Gen.29:35
  114. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that "Mother Mary" never even heard that idiom: -"jesus" ! Lu.1:31
  115. Disobedient Religious Authorities preach Rom.16:17 then defy  Ex.3:15c  with a "undefined, hybrid, mongrel"
  116. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Martin Luther (the midwife for Rev.17:5 Sundaykeepers) diminished "YaH".
  117. Disobedient Religious Authorities in Rome, on 29JUN08, forbade the mention of His Holy Name in prayers !
  118. Disobedient Religious Authorities seem contented that they have "slammed & locked the door" to His Name !
  119. Disobedient Religious Authorities & GOD & Sunday belong together] vs [Torah-students/YaHUaH/Sabbath].
  120. Disobedient Religious Authorities manipulated crusades, inquisitions, holocaust & you too, by a hybrid name ! 
  121. Disobedient Religious Authorities deprived you of the only Name on earth that means "The Self-Existent One" !
  122. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Saul (who lost his Royalty, legacy, posterity & his head), ignore YaHUaH.
  123. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Saul, go blind to the horror of error:  YaHUaH said don't even mourn !
  124. Disobedient Religious Authorities are beholden to frowny petty peers more than thousands who need His Name.
  125. Disobedient Religious Authorities can see both YaHUaH & YaHUDIM (Heb.#3068 & 3061) in verse: Zec.8:23
  126. Disobedient Religious Authorities disregard the Hebrew Torah in Synagogues that verify the spellings we teach !
  127. Disobedient Religious Authorities sell "copies" of orig. 1611 KJV O.T. cover page but they first delete His Name !
  128. Disobedient Religious Authorities aside, go see for yourself if KJV matches a Synagogue Torah, at His Name.
  129. Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend Deu.7:9 & Ps.119 & 1Kgs.8:43 is not enough reasons to declare YaH
  130. Disobedient Religious Authorities say some god keeps covenant 1000 generations but won't name Him. De.7:
  131. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't care that Elohim (like us) loves to hear His Name called affectionately.
  132. Disobedient Religious Authorities compile a Chumash of vast info but always substitute HaShem for YaHUaH !
  133. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't defend His Name. Don't expect them to defend yours or mine !  1Jn.3:16
  134. Disobedient Religious Authorities who diminish His Name, scorn warning scriptures !     Lev. 24:16; Mal.2:2,3
  135. Disobedient Religious Authorities tho very talented, will be dishonored for diminishing His Name. 1Sam.15:22b 
  136. Disobedient Religious Authorities under Hitler needed help, yet disobeyed 2Chr.7:14 which required YaH's Name.
  137. Disobedient Religious Authorities whine against "Political Correctness" yet by His Name are worse offenders !
  138. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  the discord they sow by not translating "devil" & "LORD".
  139. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  to continue in apostles' doctrine, i.e. His Name. Ac.2:42F
  140. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  a simple verse & simple threat:  Ps.118:26 ;  Matt.23:29 
  141. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  YaHUaH's simple reason to impose His NameIs.52:6 !
  142. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  that YaH's Power is different from His Name ! Ex.9:16
  143. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Is.56:11; "Fed not My flock" about My Name !  Ez.34:8
  144. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": it is a lie to advertise as "Full Gospel" & omit His Name
  145. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": diminishing His Name can begin apostasy. Rom.1:18++
  146. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Apostles perpetuated His Name !  Jn.17:6 ; Matt.28:19,20  
  147. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": dedicated Temples declare His Name worldwide ! 1KI.8:43
  148. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Is.26:4 (Heb. YH - YHWH ) wants us to know about YaH !
  149. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": comparing substitutes : "Jehovah" is worse than "LORD"
  150. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": "LORD" is tainted by Baal;   "hovah" means wickedness !  
  151. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": to use & teach "GOD" to replace "YaHUaH" is Rev.22:11a.
  152. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": KJV "center" CENTERS on His Name at Ps.103:1 or 118:8  
  153. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"True Bonding = New Comman. \\ His Blood + His Name.
  154. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": defiling His Name  COULD  affect salvation.   Rev.21:27 
  155. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": may be beaten for misleading illiterates !    Lu.12:47,48
  156. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": may be beaten, who know "YaH", -but teach "Jehovah". 
  157. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": command to make war against fake Names!  Deu.12:1,3  
  158. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": a good name is precious,-especially YaHUaH's Pro.22:1
  159. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": He calls His sheep by name, and they know His. Jn.10:
  160. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": He even honors trillions of stars by their names ! Ps.147:4
  161. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": enough to explain the Hebrew of His Son's Name. Pr.30:4
  162. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": The Rescuer's simple preference expressed in John 8:29.
  163. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": using His Name (& definition) endears us to each other !
  164. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": "faith worketh by love"; ex.: the call to love His Name !
  165. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": who fool with the simplest plan of salvation Rom.10:13 
  166. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Ac.4:12; 2:21; Jn.3:18; Rom.10:13 : Dangers of Name !
  167. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": promote their FALSE Sabbath more than His TRUE Name.
  168. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": preaching is risk-free compared to proclaiming His Name
  169. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": fishermen wrote 8 "books" in Heb. (not Gr.), using YaH !
  170. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": neither the word Power, nor Name, equal the word YaH
  171. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Satan steals influence by purging YaH's Name. Is.14:13 
  172. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": unlike Adam, they crave to Name The Creator Himself !
  173. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Neither Moses nor Gabriel would call "joshua", Yeshua !
  174. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua  Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 & Ac.7:45 & 7:59 !
  175. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua ( w/o  YaH ) is no substitute for YaHUShuA ! 
  176. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua opposes seven N.T. verses that depend on YaH !
  177. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": joshua = jesus   YaHUShuA (per Moses & Gabriel !) 
  178. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": joshua / jesus , identical spellings: Gr. & Aram. & Heb. !
  179. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Rescuer's example to ignore substitute name: Belteshazzar.
  180. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Belteshazzar   Daniel  ;  jesus YaHUShuA  Dan. 1:
  181. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": John's ex. to ignore substitute Zaphenath-panea.  Jn.4:5
  182. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": or obey the emphasis on YaHUaH:  Ex.9:16 & Rom.9:17 !
  183. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": why Heb.11:32 ignored the name Jerub-BaalJud.7:1
  184. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": their guilt.  Jer.23:27 ; Ez. 44:23 ; Matt. 5:18 ; Lu.1:17
  185. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": real latent danger from YaHUaH by Jealousy !   Ex.34:14 
  186. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  that YaH is against them who steal His Name.  Jer.23:30
  187. Disobedient Religious Authorities "can understand": repeating YaHUShuA's Name might detract from themselves.
  188. Disobedient Religious Authorities lure you with Love&Grace, then advertise their own name more than YaHUaH's.
  189. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer "baal" of the Sabbath more than "Adonai" of the Sabbath.   Jer.23:27b 
  190. Disobedient Religious Authorities devolve The Creator's name to match that used in Neh.8:17, instead of YaH
  191. Disobedient Religious Authorities despise the 4th Commandment less than 1st (which asserts YaHUaH) ! Ex.20:2
  192. Disobedient Religious Authorities obscure:  YaH's seal on us is His name !!!!   Rev.3:12; 7:2,3; 9:4; 14:1; 22:
  193. Disobedient Religious Authorities snorted,"You'll never get anybody saved with a Name like that !"  Acts 1:17
  194. Disobedient Religious Authorities pervert the 1st. Comm.("weightiest matter of the Law"); it starts with YaHUaH !
  195. Disobedient Religious Authorities deprive humble sheep of His Name & Torah then scold them for instability
  196. Disobedient Religious Authorities describe "LORD", "lord", "Lord" harshly as if sheep were the ones neglecting it
  197. Disobedient Religious Authorities led sheep astray from His Name: Jer.50:6 ; and forfeit authority:  Matt.5:19.
  198. Disobedient Religious Authorities claim to be the "very elect" while they diminish "Yah".   Foretold: Matt.24:4,24
  199. Disobedient Religious Authorities Preachers call YaHUaH "LORD" and stubbornly dare this danger: Deu.18:20b !
  200. Disobedient Religious Authorities misquote His Holy O.T. Name at 100± places in the N.T Mk.12:29; Jn.12:28 
  201. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar, "Widow's Mite is acceptable worship", (but not YaH's Sabbath or Name).
  202. Disobedient Religious Authorities did carefully preserve complicated Bible names of wicked men, but not YaH
  203. Disobedient Religious Authorities get high degrees (financed by others) then withhold YaH's Name. Matt.23:15
  204. Disobedient Religious Authorities & their pitiable pupils (by the millions) don't use the Name of their own G-d
  205. Disobedient Religious Authorities subvert "the whole counsel of God" (Ac.20:27), by diminishing His Name. 
  206. Disobedient Religious Authorities let genealogies labor hard to maintain lineage, yet prefer a "mongrel" name
  207. Disobedient Religious Authorities know the "Lord's Prayer" begins about His Name, but don't show they care ! 
  208. Disobedient Religious Authorities impose controls instead of encouraging the Gifts of the Spirit and His Name !
  209. Disobedient Religious Authorities are shamed Dozens & dozens of verses spell the acceptable contraction, "Yah".
  210. Disobedient Religious Authorities give us conflicting translations of Ba'alzebub:   Lord of Flies    Lord of Dung ! 
  211. Disobedient Religious Authorities give us conflicting (or falsified) translations of YaH/Heb.#3050 in Ps.68:4,18 !
  212. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar Jn. 3:16 !  and then hide v.18, where The Rescuer requires His Name !
  213. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar Rom.10:9,10 !  and then hide v.13, where the Spirit requires His Name !
  214. Disobedient Religious Authorities quote "every word" in Matt.4:4/Deu.8:3  then violate it by omitting YaHUaH.
  215. Disobedient Religious Authorities are uneasy with His Name in countless Sunday sermons.     Rev. 17:5 ; 18:
  216. Disobedient Religious Authorities lately begin to sneak-in YaH's Name, -without admitting to any personal guilt
  217. Disobedient Religious Authorities substitute day-of-worship in place of day-of-rest, -- and LORD for YaHUaH.
  218. Disobedient Religious Authorities may never preach against the blasphemy or distortion of His Name !   Ex.20:7
  219. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: Billions who are not Born Again must learn His Name Acts 4:12
  220. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: The few who are Born Again will desire&know His Name. Is.52:6a
  221. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Isaiah 56:6 !
  222. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Death Penalty ! 
  223. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Daniel 7:25 !
  224. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Matthew 5:17 !
  225. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are Holy, -and forever !   Is.2:
  226. Disobedient Religious Authorities deny their own likeness to Belshazzar who mis-used Holy Temple cups ! Dan.5:2
  227. Disobedient Religious Authorities donate "Ten Comm." monuments with a missing Comm. & forged Heb. Name !
  228. Disobedient Religious Authorities worldwide, don't educate you about the signboard by Pontius Pilate, so I will.
  229. Disobedient Religious Authorities emphasize tithing but diminish "YaH", contrary to Ex.20:2,7 !    Matt.23:23,13
  230. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer dangerous Bibles.   Nazarene Israelites prefer Hebrew roots Scriptures.
  231. Disobedient Religious Authorities diminish: MY People, MY Land, MY Sabbath, MY "Feasts", My Holy Name !!
  232. Disobedient Religious Authorities effectively hide amazing 1Kgs.19:11 that tries to give us His Name five times !! 
  233. Disobedient Religious Authorities for centuries, have diminished His Name more than Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  
  234. Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve to face wicked spirits by depending on Scriptures they altered ! Lu.21:36 
  235. Disobedient Religious Authorities repeated Hebrew letters for Bel & Baal, and should have for "YHWH". Dan.5:25
  236. Disobedient Religious Authorities who do employ "damnable heresies", -deserve threats Titus 3:10 ; 2Thess.1:
  237. Disobedient Religious Authorities who hold YaH's Truth in unrighteousness, deserve wrath ! Rom.1:18; Rev.22:11
  238. Disobedient Religious Authorities effectively hide amazing 1Kgs.19:11 that tries to give us His Name five times ! !
  239. Disobedient Religious Authorities should expect stern correction about His Name. Pro.30:6; Lu.12:47; Rom.11:22 
  240. Disobedient Religious Authorities historically, do slander us preachers who assert a higher truth, like His Name !
  241. Disobedient Religious Authorities exemplify Authority, but will not exemplify Repentance, even for Name-abuse 
  242. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't proclaim YaHUaH     Devils & reprobates cannot repent !      Matt.11:29
  243. Disobedient Religious Authorities (being unrepentant) risk forfeiture to confiscators. 1Sam.15:23,28 ; Ez. 9:1,6 !!
  244. Disobedient Religious Authorities (like goons for Constantine) they kill Yah's Sabbaths & "Feast days" & Name !!!
  245. Disobedient Religious Authorities who continue to diminish "My Holy Name", disobey  the 1st & 3rd & 9th Comm.
  246. Disobedient Religious Authorities are guilty (by Ex.20:7), and forewarned of "least in the Kingdom" !   Matt.5:19a 
  247. Disobedient Religious Authorities (who are shepherds that cannot understand)-are dogs ! It is writtenIs.56:11
  248. Disobedient Religious Authorities can be snakes, vomit, roadkill, dogs ! etc.  Is.56:11 ; Philip.3:2a ; Matt.23:33
  249. Dear "Adam & Eve",                                                                                xxx
  250. First, -humbly discern who are dogs, THEN you obey:  >> "Give not "My Holy Name" to dogs" >> Matt.7:6a 

 The "Fullness of the Godhead" said silly men build their houses on sandTo prefer a substitute for "YaHUaH", is sand.
 Falsified Names will burn: "wood, hay & stubble" !    Unrepentant people: disposed-of like "chaff in the wind" !  Ps.1:4
 Rods of Iron:  Noah's Ark; Ez.9:4,5,6; Ez.14:13,14,18; Tit.3:10;  Mark 4:10,11,12 !    YHWH  says so: Prov.1:28,29

The beggars in Matt.7:22 will include high church leaders who held the truth in unrighteousness.  Rom.1:18 !!!!

Dogs can be wonderful as "man's best friend".       But,  -some things they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18
Dogs can be wonderful as "man's best friend".       But,  -some things they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18

Wolves = Ravenous; Dogs = Loveable, ---but truth, like Yah & seven they just cannot understand.  Is.44:18

Don't get all mixed upWe did not tell Isaiah to write "dogs" in Is.56:11 It was YaHUaH, Elohim Almighty ! 
Don't get all mixed upTrust me ! we did not tell  the "Fullness of the Godhead"!  to say "dogs" !   Matt.7:6a !
Don't get all mixed upMost all kinds of dogs are fun, and we can play.   Some are dangerous, or vicious.
Don't get all mixed up.  The Gospel itself is precious , even if the preacher is sly !  Philippians 1:15,16,17,18 
Don't get all mixed up.
  Do remember YaHUaH's quote about "dogs", but not more than His Name, please !

Some "dogs" virtually blame us for that dreadful word "dogs" in Is. 56:11 [because "dogs" will be "dogs"]. 
Hirelings can preserve their prominence by "parroting" just any Name their local people prefer !  Rev.2:16 
It"s "social suicide" on-the-job to talk Scriptureand "social suicide" at church to talk of YaHUShuA Jn.15:21

John the Baptist was much more tough & bold & severe than me.  He might say,
"The Rescuer will separate the sheep from the goats (Matt.25:33) , but YOU are expected to
separate the sheep from the "dogs"".  (Matt.7:6a)     Practice, practice, -someday you will judge Angels   

Go ahead !  "Test" the spirit of a "dog".  1Jn.4:1   See what you get.  Matt.7:20 !  Did they want His Name ?
Such "dogs" who become wise (Micah 6:9) (including me) do repent, and then give His Name , selectively !
NOTE:  The Rescuer's Truth, like Matt.7:6a, can require very great courage to obey and repeat, selectively.

Matt. 7:6a&b are both still true & dangerous, now, 2000 years later, and it is quite easy to prove. 
One minister sternly admonished us !!!  He said restoring "My  Holy  Name" will "cause divisions" ! Rev.22:11
"Cursed be  he that doeth the work of YaHUaH, deceitfully" !  Jer.48:10 (KJV) . . OK ?  2 Thess. 2:10, 11,12 
"Wolves in sheep's clothing are not sheep !".   So, -- The King is coming back with fire in His eyes. Rev.19:12 
Those who "do understand" & resist, are Disobedient Religious Authorities. Dan.12:10; Deu.29:29; Lu.12:47 
"Dogs" resist Ps.72:17a,b, and resist John 5:42,43aOthers are kept out of NewJerusalem. Rev22:15;Tit.1:13 
They diminish my Father's truth: "My Holy Name" and His Seal whose elements are in the Fourth Comm.  

At a public prayer meeting, an Ecumenical lead "dog" honored the prayer of a visitor who follows a DEMONIC  
Plan of Salvation.  Then someone else prayed in the name of Yah (Ps.68:4b KJV).    Promptly & forcefully &
contrarily the "dog" "hammered" "in Jesus's name" a dozen times, struggling against Yah's Name YaH !!  
Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve to get corrected & deposed by "unlearned fishermen".   Acts 4:13

Now it's your turn. >>  Rom.9:17  You will or you won't declare His Name like He wants Rom.9:17
You who won'Proclaim His Name & Sabbath resemble  the 90%  who wouldn't return from Babylon   
Rev.18:2, 4    Remember ! !  Rev.21:8 says you fearful deserve the Lake of Fire just like murderers !!! !!! !!!
Rev.18:2, 4    Remember ! !  Num. 14:29 ; 32:11,13 says you fearful deserve to "die off",  unwanted !!!
Do you really plan to wait on some Sunday Worshipping "dog" to lead you to this truth ?  Is.58:1 !  [Is.56:11]
Please don't get all mixed up.    Our prayers go with you.
Without obedience, Prayers are disgusting.  Jer.7:16; Jer.9:16Jer.13:14;
Prov.28:9 ! Prov.28:9 ! Ps.1:4

It's a battlefield, brother,
not a recreation room ! 
It's a fight and not a game ! ! 
Run if you want to,
 run if you will, . . . .
but Truth came here to stay.
YaHUaH's Battle Axe:  Jer.51:19,20    
. . . . . . . . .  YaHUaH of hosts 
is His NameThou art my battle axe and  weapons of war. . . . . . .


One or two more private comments (please):
Peter warned us not to "wrest Scriptures" of Paul.
It is "wresting the Scriptures" of Paul to separate GRACE from TORAH. 
All righteous people have always cared about both.
Ex. Moms care about "little ones" immeasurably, but they still have to stay out of the street.
Permanent Principles of the Kingdom of Elohim never changed, only the Sacrifice & Priesthood.

One scripture says we are "perfected forever" another says "My words shall not pass away". 

Together, they can say, Born-Again people are instructed to love & proclaim "My Holy Name". 

But if you won't want Abba's Name,
after all His pleas & threats,
you're probably one heartbeat from hell-fire,
which in some way is everlasting & escape-proof
r u listening secret sin ?
Rev.20:14 ; Is.66:24* ; Mark 9:43-48*** ; Lu.16:26
WORM?  *craving  *craving  *craving  *craving
Being in "outer darkness" and forgotten forever, will hurt too.

NOTE: You don't have to thank us, but . . .
if TRUTH here helped you, -you know you should.

Copies of this signboard by Pontius Pilate are available.  [parchment or heavy photopaper]   [36" x 12"]

As a Roman, Pilate spoke Latin first and also enough Hebrew to rule over YaHUDIM (Jews). 

Pilate noticed the great envy of the Priests. [Mark 15:9,10].  Pilate composed a title signboard which
angered the Priests.   Scripure mentions only their anger about the term 'King of the Jews'.

But remember, YaHUDIM (Jews) are such masters of literature that they commonly utilize and
recognize things like gematria, acronyms,E.L.S., etc. and would immediately see it if Pilate used a

four-letter acronym like YHWH.    Pontius Pilate probably antagonized them with those four letters.

If you grumble that the word "AND" does not appear in the  KJV   of John 19:19, then you must 

also admit that neither does the word "JESUS"  appear on the signboard by Pontius Pilate 

BTW:  That word "AND" would have appeared on the signboard by Pilate as only one letter: "Waw".
BTW:  That word "AND"  is often provided in Roman signs.  
These two serious "death messages". have an acronym.   And, I think both use the word  "AND" !

If it read:

  "YaHUShuA             theNazarene*            AND  Kingof              theYaHUDIM",
                   ^                                         ^

acronym is >>   Y H W H  !


The Late Great Israeli Rabbi Kaduri  used the letter “waw” for AND  in his death-note in 2006 AD. 

We underlined his letter for the word "AND".  

ירים  העם  ויוכיח  שדברו  ותורתו  עומדים

TRANSLATION: He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

He included a six-letter acronym which spelled messiah's name like Moses & I do >> YHUSUA ! 
You can go to GOOGLE IMAGES to see the original death-note.   Some photos encircle the acronym.


Pilate's sign emphasizes the YaH which actually does appear in the first word and the last word of each line.   
YaH is also the most permanent part of the new name of "Joshua", (by Moses) in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
The spelling of "Joshua" in Acts 7:44 and Heb.4:7 refers to Moses's spelling  in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
You LukeWarm who toy with the "Spirit of Error" (1John 4:6) provoke the Holy Spirit at your own risk. 



YaHUaH is pleased thousands & thousands & thousands of times 
to assert His Name. Ex.34:5,6; 1 Ki.19:11; Zec.3:2  
YaHUaH  said : "My Name's sake"  in 15 verses 
so His Name is distinct from the Speaker !    Ps.135:1  
YaHUShuA (formerly YaHUaH)  signed the Ten Comm.
as YaHUaH and also put Yahu- in His angel's name.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"The Prince & Power of the Air" - Eph.2:2 ,
can mystify you with UFOs and Crop Circles and magic and evil spirits
but he (Heylel) can't cope with the Self-Existent One or his own future.  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 A  Scriptural  "Battle Axe"

  "And this is the condemnation (damnation) : 
  - that light has come into the world, 
  and men loved darkness rather than light . . "   Jn. 3:19a  

"The righteous are bold as a lion"  Prov.28:1

Truth causes fools & silly sin-puppets to fight or flight ! 
"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet ...!" 
Isaiah58:1  KJV

"..cursed be he who keepeth back his sword from blood !"  
Jer.48:10  KJV

St. Paul -                                              Similarly - 
'Ceremonial'    'Moral' *                     "My Holy Name"  confronts.
was so confrontational                          It is a "word of wisdom".
that he was accused of                          Scripture gets threatening ! 
"turning the world upside down".                Mic.6:9; Prov.9:10; 1 Cor.12:8    

 extol Him who rideth upon the  
 heavens by His Name YAH !”
Acts 1:9
Zec. 14:5c,9
 Deu. 29:29
 Eternal verses.
 Pearls of wisdom.
  Irrefutable witnesses.
    Unapologetic Scriptures.
    Scripture interprets Scripture. 
   Offensive "Battle-Axe":  Deu.29:29 !

Abstract/Summary      - about His Name

Two different men in the N.T. Greek are named "Jesus".  Their spellings are identical.  
Two different men in the N.T. Aramaic are named "Jesus". Their spellings are identical.  

Their names are identical. 
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Num. 13:16
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Deu. 3:21   
2 Pet.3:16 
Their spelling in Hebrew is identical.


Imitation names should be preferred only by imitation believers.
 Joseph ;  Jerub-Baal  Gideon ;  Belteshazzar ≠ Daniel [Dan.1:7] ; 
Lucifer ≠  Heylel (Heb#1966) ;

Jesus ≠ YaHUShuA;
+ etc. 

In N.T. Greek & Aramaic & English, etc.,
The Savior's Name (i.e. The Rescuer's Name) matches Capt. "Joshua",
which originates in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.  There is no Scriptural counter-argument
F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah.

OK ?

That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters
That first one uses five letters plus vowel points to duplicate the second one.
Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spell YaHUShuA, and disprove & discredit the "yeshua" error.  
[Preserving YaHUShuA for "Joshua", then twisting it to "yeshua"
to name The Savior (The Rescuer) is the "Spirit of Error".]  

There is an important principle which is honored by men who 
examine details of the Scripture.  They give special value to the earliest appearance
of some idea or fact or word.  This case is: "Joshua" in Torah:  Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21. 
F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah. period
That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters.

For thousands of years, Deu.3:21 was recopied thousands of times.   Psalms 12
Note that Moses's Torah spelling changed from six letters back to five in Deu.3:28 !

1,000yrs. later, in Neh.8:17, the spelling of Capt. "Joshua" diminishes the spelling by Moses.

 "YaHUShuA" reflects the intent of Moses,

 and declares the most truth, and thereby,
exercises the most profit and authority.

Gen. 7:16 ; Gen. 38:7 ; Num. 16:32-35


Hear the word of YaHUaH, ye that tremble at his word;
Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake,
said, "Let THE LORD be glorified" :
but He shall appear to your joy,
and they shall be ashamed.


"When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into   all truth: "  Jn.16:13

"Also the sons of the stranger,
  that join themselves to YaHUaH, 
  to serve him, and to love the name of YaHUaH, to be his servants,  
  every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it,
  and taketh hold of my covenant; . . . . ."   Isaiah 56:6

----who cares ?

 Note: Hebrew letters read   <<<<                              
 Note: English phonic equivalents read  >>>>               
 Note: see Restorations: Consonants & Vowels: Yahu/wah        

UUSuuA = YaHUUShuuA = YaHUShuA =    

=  YaHuWaH  =   YaHUaH   =  YHUH         
=  YaHuWShuA   =   YaHUShuA   =   YHUSA        

Ancient/Original Hebrew never used the letter "J" nor "V"; 
and their letter "waw" often sounded like "UU" ! 


We are all neglected or neglectful or feebleminded without Ps. 83:16,17,18

[ This exaltation of His Name is the greatest of all !  Ps.34:3 ]
". . . this is my name for ever . . ." Ex.3:15
 What part of "for ever" do you NOT understand ?
Rev.3:8,11 ; Isaiah 58:12 ; KJV-
 F.Y.I.:  Murashu records are 1000yrs older than the
   Masoretes and more pure; Murashu prefix is just
     like their suffix: YAHU.  Hebrew spellings 
  of   jUdah (jew),  HallelU-YAH, etc.
assert the ancient  
 "U" sound

Some references we make,
such as to the Murashu above, 
may look incomplete because we
must "stay on topic" for the moment. 
But there's more proof availabe elsewhere.


Disinterest in "My Holy Name" weakens converts. 
Affection for "My Holy Name" strengthens its lovers. 
Therefore, YaHUShuA's Name is so important, that,
it would naturally be kept quiet by our adversary.   
Three other brief , rare, Scriptural TRUTHS 
  to you who ask: preacher@MyHolyName.com. 
You condemning visitors sure do resemble
those Scriptures about "predestination". 

"Fools despise wisdom" Prov.1:7, and
"Fools laugh about sin." Prov.14:9
Acts 4:12b; Rev.3:8c; Gal.1:7
Job 17:4 ; Is.66:4,5 
 Scriptural enforcement:



and his subsequent
enforcers switched the solemnity
of Sabbath to Sunday.         Afterwards,    
Masoretes switched the sound of prefix "Yah".    
Consensus says Masoretes lost other integrity too !      
Constantine's switch cannot change Ten Commandments,   
and the Masoretic's switch of sound definitely cannot exalt it !   
Yah means "The Self-Existent One", but "Yeh" means nothing at all !  
Stubborness is condemned!  We would switch instantly if Yeho exalted more. 
YaHUShuA did not come in the non-existent name of Yeh ! see Jn.5:43; Rev.2:13 
Yah (Heb.#3050) demands that we  "fear" & "revere"  YaHUaH & keep it unchanged !  
Ps.68:4; Is.12:2; 26:4; 38:11 et al, -about four dozen places, where Heb.#3050 appears. 
In the Masoretic prefix controversy of  Yeho- vs Yahu-, we "exalt" only "YAHU", at all times!
The suffix "Shua" also needs a little attention.    In Torah, Moses spelled it two different ways. 
"The Spirit giveth life", so we know both spellings give the same meaning: Num.13:16; Deu.3:21
Both of these suffix spellings means “SAVIOR”. People, named Shua, use the Deu.3:21 suffi
YaHUShuA's ("Joshua's") Name , Heb.#3091, can be spelled by using one or two "waw" letters.

  The same meaning in either suffix is "SAVIOR".    People, named Shua, use the Deu.3:21 suffix.    
YaHUShuA's ("Joshua's") Name , Heb.#3091, can be spelled by using one or two "waw" letters.    
Those two "waw" letters (Torah Deu.3:21) by Moses support those two "uu" sounds in YaHUShuA. 
Scripture sometimes spells it with two ; it always sounds like two ; and it probably should be two.  
I prefer two, too, but it's inconvenient to get used to !  :-)) 



Mark 4:11,12  -?

It is time for Converts worldwide to
"wake-up" & "wise-up",
prayerfully about "My Holy Name".

   - a promise to avoid-  1 Cor. 8:1  ("Knowledge puffeth up . . "). 

I.O.U.   - a reassurance that we humbly care about Isaiah 65:5.  Someday, all disobedience, will stop
I.O.U.   - forfeiture-to-confiscators is forewarned.  Cor.3:14,15; Rev.3:11; Lu.19:24,25,26 
I.O.U.   - a reassurance that all this is not an "accuser of the brethren" unto condemnation.  
I.O.U.   - a reassurance that all this is a Word to the Wise like "iron sharpening iron" Prov. 27:17. 
I.O.U.   - references to the great researchers when quoted, and especially The Scriptures. 
- a reassurance that time spent here will bring you a sense of triumphant satisfaction 
                   because the phonic-results do align with two "witnesses":  Consonants & Vowels !!  Matt. 18:16 !  
   - a reassurance of our love to most Disobedient Religious Authorities,  even though they demote  
                   themselves. (They did bring to us "life-saving" truth when we were in desperate need !)  Philpp1:16

U.O.I. - scriptural, righteous correction, if these Threats&Restorations are ever wrong.  Whatever you do
                   don't play the fool with  Prov. 6:19b.
U.O.U. -
common sense Your Salvation from the Lake of Fire is NOT  in your knowing a truckload of facts.
                   Rather, it is in your unrestrained affection for the One who made all the arrangements 
                   and paid the cruel price, in your place.  Heb.12:2a
                   Passing peers with petty opinions did not have to "tiptoe thru the Torah" 
                   on a life-&-death mission to save you from horror unspeakable   
                   But dear (Matt.11:29) Messiah did !   Even Rabbis know He never broke TORAH !
Pursue YaHUaH/ YaHUShuA and the things that please Him !   He paid the price !!!!!
                   "Study to show thyself approved unto --H--I--M  . . .,  2Tim. 2:15 Read His Book Matt.6:33
                        Millions of  non-Bible-readers   have followed their silly destiny into some dead-end spiritual trap.


   YESHUA is an ancient, simple Hebrew word:   Strong's Heb.#3442  = "he will save".

   YESHU is the worst, darkest curse in all the Hebrew language and wickedly similar to YESHUA.  
YESHU  -acronym from first letter of the Hebrew curse:          ימח שמו וזכרו <

   YESHU  -acronym from first letter of the Hebrew curse: > Yemach Shemo Wezichro 

   YESHU  -acronym is contrived/connived/conspired by malevolent orthodox Rabbis to mean:  
                   "May his name and memory be obliterated", and is directed at our Savior (Rescuer) !!!   
                    Nazarene Israelites ignorantly prefer a similar word and detractors are "delighted" :-) 


Speaking of "Yeshua". . . . . 
FYI:  More Assorted facts to serve you-

And regarding the name Yeshua . . . .

Verily, verily, Scripturally, Scripturally, Yeshua is not our Savior's (Rescuer's) Name

You who are wrong and don’t care invariably become little puppets of some cheater.

Yeshua merely means, "he will save", and fails to convey Priesthood or Kingship
Apparently, five Israelites in the TaNaK were named Yeshua/Heb#3442.
YaHUShuA/Heb#3091 was spelled correctly a total of 220 times .
YaHUShuA’s name was spelled 203 times in referrence to Capt. "Joshua", plus once like
Yeshua/Heb#3442 in Neh.8:17.   
Three other O.T. characters were named Shua,  which means a shout of freedom or riches.

In N.T. Greek & Aramaic & English, etc., the spelling of our Savior's (Rescuer's) Name 
matches the name of Capt. "Joshua", letter-for-letter which originates in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.  

There is no Scriptural counter-argument. 

Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 in the Torah spell YaHUShuA, and disprove & discredit the "yeshua" error.  
To say that YaHUShuA is "Joshua" but "Yeshua" is "Jesus" is the "Spirit of Error" !  

"Yeshua" opposes Rom.10:13,14; Ac.2:21 & 22:16; Rev.19:1,3,4,6, which demand Yah.

Those who examine details of Scripture accede deference to a very important principle:  
They give preponderant value to the earliest appearance of some idea or fact or word.  
In Yeshua  vs  YaHUShuA: start with "Joshua" in Torah at: Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21. 

1,000yrs. later
, in Neh.8:17, Capt."Joshua" for some reason, gets ONE inferior spelling.
Sly Leaders cover that scribal error (typo) with a grin. 

They quip that the ONE errant spelling is superior to 220 correct Hebrew spellings.

Even devils and Baalam’s ass would know better !!! 

The word "yeshua" is less-respectful than YaHUShuA,

like addressing  Joseph or Mary as Human or Female. 
That word "jesus", is also less-respectful than YaHUShuA,

with a Greek spelling that resembles the Greek Goddess, Isis. 

Worse than that . . . .

Rev.2:12,13 might relate it to the Temple of Zeus in Pergamos

(which was bought and shipped to Germany 1800yrs later) !    

F.Y.I. : The KJV 1611 @Luke 4:27 essentially substitutes zeus for Yah ! (but since corrected).  


The son of Nun was re-named by Moses in Num.13:16, to be called YaHUShuA. 

Three other Israelite men were named YaHUShuA, in addition to the son of Nun in Num.13:16.

All names named "Joshua"/YaHUShuA / Heb.#3091/ appear in the KJV at 222 places.
The man Capt. "Joshua"/YaHUShuA/Heb.#3091/ appears in the KJV at 203 places.* NOTE
The man Capt. "Joshua"/Yeshua/Heb.#3442/ appears in the KJV at one place.
Care-less crowds lust for YaHUShuA's one diminished spelling in Neh.8:17,-Yeshua.
NOTE* Joshua = Jehoshua = Jeshoshuah = 203

YaHUShuA < declares the most truth, and thereby weilds the most profit & authority

These phonics are not little toys.  YaHUaH teaches us to claim & declare His Name
(in Ex.33:19; Rom.9:17). The verses expect us to care , and "declare it orally" ! 

"Let no man deceive you with vain words !!! 

For because of these things cometh the 
wrath of Elohim upon the children of disobedience

Eph. 5:6

If anything here fails to be correct or caring, you have this invitation & a duty to tell us. 

MORE  F.Y.I. - 
In 537BC, Book of Ezra recorded that Ezra went from Babylon to Jerusalem
In 445BC, Book of Nehemiah recorded that Nehemiah went from Babylon to Jerusalem. 

Ezra apparently accepted Aramaic Script but had to re-train the use of Hebrew language.  
Many years later, Neh.13:23,24, Nehemiah complained about language problems there.
That problem may help to explain why Nehemiah spelled Capt. YaHUShuA differently
from Moses, in Neh.8:1  

More than you want to know . . . .

This website honors Ps.34:3 to EXALT His Name and we do that to "the highest" !

You who are less interested will be content with some inferior substitute names. 
Name-substitutes like haShem, Adonai and Yeshua are preferred at your other websites: 
http://prorege-forum.com/forum_entry.php?id=4277&page=9&category=all&order=time   &

Bro. Grant Jeffrey offers a hidden spelling pattern in Isaiah 53 that HIS Name might be Yeshua.
Bro. Yacov Rambsel offers a hidden spelling pattern in Prov.30:4 that HIS Name might be Yeshua.

Both hidden spelling patterns spell "yeshua". The patterns are both amazing & doubtful.   
Both hidden spelling patterns equate to Gabriel's brief description: "He will save" Matt.1:21. 

And most people are content with that because it all looks RIGHTEOUS and sufficient.  Rev.22:11   
And we like it too,   B U T  there is "a more sure word of prophecy"(2Pet.1:19) , in writing !
The N.T.  tells us to duplicate "Joshua" not "Jeshua".    R E P E A T !   
The N.T.  tells us to duplicate "Joshua" not "Jeshua".  

HIS Name "YAH" is Holy.  Num.6:27 & 2Chron.7:14 say to put it onto His people.  So we do it !! 

F. Y. I. : more names in Scripture begin with YAH than end with YAH by a multiplier of  2.6 !!

Disobedient Religious Authorities with Honorary Doctorate Degrees are everywhere, but have they 
ever told you that hundreds of Israelites in Scripture have names that begin or end with YAH ?
Perhaps hundreds of others had those names but were never even mentioned in Scripture.

"Ye•shua" is "inferior" as a substitute name because its prefix diminishes "Yah".
Hebrew Proof (by Spiritual Discernment):   Psalms 68:4 ; Isaiah 12:2 ; Isaiah 38:11 ; Luke 2:11
"Yahu•sha" is "inferior" as a substitute name because its suffix diminishes "Salvation".
Hebrew Proof (by Spiritual Discernment):   Isaiah 43:11 ; Hosea 13:4 ; Luke 2:11 ; Matt.1:21 

In the Torah, in Num.13:16, Moses
names Capt. "Joshua"
and his name
gets repeated 203 times.

Once & only once, (Neh.13:24) it gets the perverse, deviant, diminished spelling
in Neh.8:17. 

203 x YaHUShuA/ H#3091    1 x  yeshua/ H#3442 

YaHUShuA as written in:
 Acts 7:45 = Acts 7:55 = Heb.4:8 = Heb.4:14

Exodus 13:14  "whose Name is  jealous". 
Song of Sol. 8:6  "jealousy is as cruel as the grave". 
So, again . . .
YaHUShuA's warning still stands:
"Take heed that no man deceive you!" Matt.24:4   OK ?

••••••••••••••••••••••• One lingering word of caution, please. •••••••••••••••••••••
Nothing on earth is sweeter than the loving comfort by His Spirit with your conscience.
But if you submit to a 'herd mentality', contrary to truth, you  "sear" your conscience  !

Devils get real mad, -but be an  OVERCOMER !  Don’t be a little puppet to some cheater !!!

YaHUShuA is a Hebrew word and its code number in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary: #3091

Use a Strong's Concordance or an Interlinear Bible to see the Hebrew letters used to spell

the name of Captain "Joshua" in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.  See the proofs the authorities hide.



- yes ! -it's true !  many Hebrew Computer ELS search Codes discover that word "yeshua".
- yes ! -it’s true that “yeshua” is a nice little Hebrew word #3442 that means “he will save”.
- yes ! -Our Rescuer is everywhere "saving", but His activity alone is not His Name ! 
- yes ! -Our Rescuer is entitled to the TitleYeshua”, but not the Name “Yeshua”.

It is not magnified or exalted enough to be His Royal Name ! 
Many books put Yeshua on the cover in giant letters !, -and make money ! (but injure the readers). 
Careless lives & impudent habits in this rich U.S. has left us totally ignorant and insolent about

the respect required by Royalty.
Even a Christian schoolkid should know that other fellows in the Bible were named Yeshua.   

The Father's Name ( John 5:43 ) conveys Royalty:  YAH  -The Self-Existent One ! ! !  
The word/name Yeshua is ordinary and could not be the Name above all Names.   John 10:30  

The word/name Yeshua does convey a heroic distinction, ---- but not Royal distinction

A Royal distinction will assert:

  • "Son of the Highest"  Luke 1:32
  • "Elohim with us"  Matt.1:23
  • "Messiah YaHuaH"  Luke 2:11
  • "Name above every Name"   Philippians 2:9
  • "for there is none other Name UNDER HEAVEN given among men,
  • whereby we must be saved !" Ac.4:12

For Your Information
Remember three common hidden dangers
The Word & the Spirit are alive and can withdraw.        Ps.51:11  
Your conscience can be melted/seared permanently.   1 Tim.4:
If you can't be sorry, you can't be saved.   Too bad.    2 Cor.7:10  
Do you really want to call your Rescuer some Hebrew name that looks

gelded of Yah’s power compared to the Hebrew name of Capt. "Joshua" ??   

ישוע יהושוע

It is disrespectful to let Capt. "Joshua" keep YAH in his name then remove it from our Rescuer's.

Some of you will be intrigued to see this similar irregularity (or scribal error).  

Both writers of Ezra and Haggai were contemporaries who left Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem.

Both writers of Ezra and Haggai mentioned Joshua who was the son of Jozadak.

Compare the son of Jozadak as spelled in   Ezra 3:8  to  Haggai 1:12
Ezra spelled the man’s name in a common way. 
Haggai spelled it by adding Yah’s name for a more noble spelling !  Go see !   Num. 6:27
In other words, his prefix went from "ye"  to  "YAHU", like !

And here's another serious irregularity.  Take a minute & take a look.
In Ps.68:4b the Hebrew word #3050 is translated as "YaH".
In Ps.68:18b the Hebrew word #3050 is translated as "LORD".

YaHUShuA as written in:  Acts 7:45 = Acts 7:55 = Heb.4:8 = Heb.4:14.


One of our correspondents, 05APR12, (without slander), 
added that the "O" equals the "Ho"  and was possibly just scribal error.
Num.13:16 = Deu.32:44 ! 

The magazine
Biblical Archaeology Review ,
1995, Mar/Apr, Vol.21, No.2, Pg.30,
provides assertions by a Professor Emeritus,
that "My Holy Name" [the Tetragrammaton]  
is most certainly three sylables like we explain
Another luminary among us is International Lecturer,
and author of  The Two Greatest Names of the Universe,  
J.R. Hawkins  M.S.; he declares these facts much like we do.


יו =YaH

יהו =YaHU

יהוה =YaHUaH

יהודה =YaHUDaH

יהושוע =YaHUShUA

יהושע = YaHUShUA




Belt buckle template, -copies available.    
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him,   
and He shall direct thy paths."   

Speaking of "YaHUShuA". . . . . 

FYI:  More Assorted facts to serve you-

Our website does try to compress facts in a user-friendly way for retention.

Even ISO, International Standards Organization, strained to express the  >YHWH :


[slow; may take 10 or 20 seconds to open this special document- ]


Here is a 27min. video spectacular that should "open eyes", worldwide !!!

Here are two corollary YouTube sermonettes 
by Obedient Religious Authorities exposing  
Disobedient Religious Authorities :  



Here is a list of Messianic Organizations (i.e. denominations) ,
and friends:




Also, here is a list of our four favorite "Holy Name" Bibles
and merchants who sell them as of Dec. 2012:
>Hebraic Roots Bible, Don Esposito >
Hebraic-Roots Ver., Dr. Trimm, Dallas>
>Restoration Scriptures, Rabbi Konuichowski, Florida>
>The Scriptures, Bro. Koster, Africa>

    See an interesting Seal:  
   [ A Seal is used to identify an authority's Name and Title and Domain. ]   


 Continuing Education   
   -about His Name,

by a "street preacher" evangelist  (Eph. 4:11)
and preacher of "My Holy Name"   (2 Cor. 3:6)
[baptized with the fire of His Spirit (Lu. 3:16 )].

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If you are not "Born Again" (as in Jn.3:3) . . . . . .
please be advised, -membership is by "invitation only".  Jn.6:44a   "IF" you can hear it, . . . . 

  1. Realize !    -by the Ten Comm.: something is wrong with you. 1Jn.3:4 ; Ps.19:7a
  2. Repent !    - your heart to Yah's Heart,  in "Godly sorrow" for your guilt 2Cor.7:10 
  3. Receive !   -YaHUShuA The Messiah  as your Rescuer & Ruler ! ! !   Jn.1:12
  4. Rejoice !    -you are loved and escaped the Lake of Fire !  Rev.13:8
  5. Restore !    -the Permanent Principles of His "Kingdom Come"
  6. Reproduce !  -abundantly !   2Cor.3:6 ; Lu.8:8          

Then, grow up to His stature !  Heb.10:16 ; Eph.4:13d

If you cannot, then you may have argued away the Holy Spirit forever.   OK ?

"Unstable", "double-minded", "covenant-breakers",  ---beware of YaHUaH !!! 
Preachers have failed to warn using 1 John 3:4 ! 
You may be slipping away, into apostasy.
The fall of America has passed critical-mass.
There are many reasons to get serious.   
Elohim tries to warn us about our deposits into "broken cisterns", or into "sand".  Jer.2:13
The "broken cisterns" or "sands "  willfully violates His Ten Commandments. 

Ps. A stadium-full, of people can sit through a sermon and
feel like sinners, but get cheated out of the Scriptural definition !  
People can worry about a dozen personal weaknesses yet be cheated;
 - the irreversible horror of their danger is not enough said Matt. 7:23 !

People are cheated if not told what Scripture says sin is: 1 John 3:4 !  Prov.28:9 !!! 
For Salvation, THE WAY is straight and THE GATE is narrow.
People need to see that the Ten Commandments can resemble
a deep ditch and a high wall on each side of the "straight & Narrow"
.   Matt.15:14

†    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †    †       


The most dangerous thing on earth is five ways YOU can pass the Point of no Return.  
2Thess.2:10,11,12 ; 1Tim.4:2

The second most dangerous thing on earth is one who would misdirect your worship
Deu.13:6-10 ; 1 Kg.13:15-26
If you present one with Prov. 28:9 & John 7:49 & Rom.7:14  and get a sly grin,
rebuke & avoid !  Prov.14:9
LEGALISM is an enemy of ASSURANCE because it demands WORKS
in its Plan of Salvation.
True SALVATION is purely voluntary like true love, and true WORKS
are inevitable.   
Affectionate, profitable WORKS can be guided by
the "Law"/Torah
Scripture explains why some don't understand: 
Is. 44:18.
 Gen.12:3 ; Ex.20:24 ; 2 Tim. 3:16
Elohim is not 'kidding', 
-and proves it !  

Yes indeed !!, - the Old Covenant has "vanished away"(Heb.8:13) ! 

"Therefore, by the deeds of the Law there shall no flesh be justified in His sight: 
for by the Law is the knowledge of sin." 
"But this I confess unto thee, 
that after the way which they call heresy,
so worship I the God of my fathers, 
believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets". 
Acts 24:14 , Acts 2:42 ! !   Isaiah 8:20 repeat Isaiah 8:20
Paul did not readily clarify all views of the Torah.  2 Pet. 3:16
YaHUShuA did not readily clarify all His Parables.    Matt.13:34 
Salvation expects us to care about our Rescuer's  perilous mission (Jn.15:22) 
and know that all arrangements for our Justification (were accomplished by Him !  
Rewards, in proportion to growth & obedience & works, is a different principle.


Even multiple "trials"
can sometimes
"work together for good".

WHETHER . . . . . .
Pruning by The Father:   Jn.15:1,2
. . . . .
  Pain caused by the Unrepentant:  2Tim.3:12

      Paul's "thorn in the flesh": some cruel pain.Gal.6:17    

My "thorn in the flesh": blinding cluster migraines.  
Diverse cruelties can converge simoultaneously.  

My own Body, Mind, Spirit had to face trials of      
Pain, Persecution, Doubt, and was "left for dead"
(explains the pilgrim journey)

   Is. 48:9,10  
Jer. 31:28
2 Chr.11:4a

2 Chr.11:4a
2 Chr.11:4a
  Is. 28:21,22  
Job 13:15
2 Cor.12:5

  "YaHUaH, for He has torn, and He will heal"  Ho.6:1
He has Pruned and Scattered, and He will heal.
Just remember:  Elohim conversed with Job during his
misery, but He never explained the cause or purpose.
      Also, Heylel (Lucifer) is real: "to steal, kill and destroy". 
    Heylel endangered our home with demons, once.  Mk.16:17 
  A messenger of "Satan" buffeted us like Paul (and 
Job) to  "press out of measure".  2Cor.1:8a; Job 2:9
Paul: 195 lashes & stoned & thrice beaten with rods
Do you have scars, or do you scar others with discord ?) 
(Do you have even a little scratch for His Name ?  Ac.9:16 )
      WORSE !!! 
Church-fakes - "Shoot the wounded
" and they
covet the Possessions of the Prosperous,
and disrespect the Pain of the Pruned !  
Herod tried to kill baby YaHUShuA

Heylel (Lucifer) tried to kill this Book & Website

YaHUShuA, Himself, kept my faith alive, and led    
to this "word of wisdom" about "My Holy Name! !   

It is my private joy
to look back over my great spiritual temptations
and see that no matter what demons did
Elohim made a profit. 

Paul lost years in prison, 
but he was safe from assassinations 
and wrote the "Books" of the  N.T. !

, my own reclusions
have freed my time to research
all this for myself (and for you).

   IS.  38:9-17 
Micah 6:9 
Ez. 4:13

          2 Cor. 12:7,8 x3  
    1 Cor. 12:8a  
2 Cor. 1:8,9
John 7:52

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct thy paths." 

  YaHUShuA had to face the same three battles: body, mind, spirit.  Lu.4:3-12 
  Ignorant "chaff which the wind driveth away" cannot not understand !  Dan.12:10  
Simple as that . 
Job 42:10  

Ecc. 1:18  

  Scars & Overcoming & Rewards
are private property. 
Job 42:

2 Tim.1:12 
Job 1:21  

  But at least this "word of wisdom"
can be shared with non-"dogs".  Matt.7:6a
   Micah 6:9 


this wisdom that follows here
is very high
Handle with care.


                      Abstract/Summary     - about His Name 

Two different men in the N.T. Greek are named "Jesus".  Their spellings are identical.  
Two different men in the N.T. Aramaic are named "Jesus". Their spellings are identical.  

Their names are identical. 
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Num. 13:16
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Deu. 3:21   
2 Pet.3:16 
Their spelling in Hebrew is identical.


Imitation names should be preferred only by imitation believers.
 Joseph ;  
 Gideon ;  

Belteshazzar ≠ Daniel [Dan.1:7]
Lucifer ≠  Heylel (Heb#1966) ;

Jesus ≠ YaHUShuA;
+ etc. 

In N.T. Greek & Aramaic & English, etc.,
The Savior's Name (i.e. The Rescuer's Name) matches Capt. "Joshua",
which originates in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.  There is no Scriptural counter-argument. 
F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah.

OK ?

That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters
That first one uses five letters plus vowel points to replicate the one with six letters.
Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spell YaHUShuA, and disprove & discredit the "yeshua" error.  
[Preserving YaHUShuA for "Joshua", then twisting it to "yeshua"
to name The Savior (The Rescuer) is the "Spirit of Error".]  

There is an important principle & practice which is honored
by men who examine details of the Scripture. 
They give special value to the earliest appearance
of some idea or fact or word.  
In this case "Joshua" appears first in Torah at Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21, as "YaH".
The weak substitute which is popular today appeared 1,000 yrs. later as "Ye"

The aforementioned principle & practice is additional deductive reasoning (proof)
that the "YaH" is preeminent in originality and authority.

F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah. period
That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters.

For thousands of years, Deu.3:21 was recopied
thousands of times.  Psalms 12:
Note that Moses's Torah spelling changed from six letters back to five in Deu.3:28 !

1,000yrs. later, in Neh.8:17, the spelling of Capt. "Joshua" diminishes spelling by Moses. 

Several men named "Joshua"/YaHUShuA / Heb.#3091/ appear in the KJV at 222 places.
The one man Capt. "Joshua"/YaHUShuA/Heb.#3091/
appears in the KJV at 203 places.*
The one man Capt. "Joshua"/Yeshua/Heb.#3442/
appears in the KJV at one place, 1,000
years later.
Care-less crowds crave YaHUShuA's one diminished spelling: Neh.8:17, /
***(H#3091 = Joshua = Jehoshua = Jeshoshuah = 203)***

Let's use the following as an example to show that "the letter killeth".

The last syllable of H
is Name is the two letters "shin, ayin", "sha", and has no meaning.
The last syllable of His Name is the two letters "shin & ayin"
, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BUT
  the Spirit adds SPIRIT to it

  the Spirit adds vowel points to it,
  the Spirit adds qibbuts to the shin

the sound equals a Hebrew word & name
which has three letters: "shua", H#7770
and means "a shout of rejoicing & freedom & riches & salvation" !
(So that last syllable duplicates the names of three people
named Shua !)
So we see that the suffix "sha" does not give life as much as the suffix "shua" !!!

"Ye•shua" is "deficient" as a substitute name because its prefix diminishes "Yah".
PROOF (using Hebrew):   Psalms 68:4 ; Isaiah 12:2 ; Isaiah 38:11 ; Luke 2:11
"Yahu•sha" is "deficient" as a substitute name because its suffix diminishes "savior".
PROOF (using Hebrew):   Isaiah 43:11 ; Hosea 13:4 ; Luke 2:11 ; Matt.1:21 

Exodus 13:14  "whose Name is  jealous". 
Song of Sol. 8:6  "jealousy is as cruel as the grave". 
So, again . . .
YaHUShuA's warning still stands:
"Take heed that no man deceive you!" Matt.24:4   OK ?

••••••••••••••••••••••• One lingering word of caution, please. •••••••••••••••••••••
Nothing on earth is sweeter than the loving comfort by His Spirit with your conscience.
But if you submit to a 'herd mentality', contrary to truth, you  "sear" your conscience.

A seared conscience always, -always becomes the puppet of some cheater.  2Tim.2:26

 "YaHUShuA" reflects the intent of Moses,

 and declares the most truth, and thereby,
exercises the most profit and authority.

Ok ?



Abba is not the author of confusion. 

But He does like to create much variety, so we must stay alert or be overwhelmed.  
(Science says that 80% or 90% of all species ever created are already extinct.)

Notice the Hebrew spelling of "Joshua" in NUM.13:16 then compare it to DEU.3:21. 
(One easy way to compare the two spellings is by using an "Interlinear" Bible.)
 (Another easy way is by using:   http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0.htm  )

NUM.13:16 received a letter 'yod'  ;   Moses enlarged "hu" with a "yod".   
    DEU.3:21 received a letter 'waw'  ;   Moses enlarged "shua" with a "waw".

Use  Understanding  ; see that both words are the same word. 
(That first H#3091 sounds the same as the second H#3091 because of qibbuts !) 
Little qibbuts are Vowel Points commonly used to do two things simultaneously. 
They substitute here for a real letter "waw" and impose a vowel sound like "uu".
[more later] 


More facts: (for you who have the capacity !)

A correspondent , 05APR12, (without slander), 
added that the "O" equals the "Ho"  like a
scribal error by English translators:  
Num.13:16  &  Deu.32:44 !
(He may add more later.)

Famous Rabbi Nachmanides "Rambam" 
(1135 - 1204) wrote comments about Genesis. 
In his introduction he said that any change* in a word or letter
from the usual way of writing it indicates a hidden meaning. 
Speaking of hidden meanings, look at the letters which spell
the original name of “Joshua”, before any changes by Moses.
First, notice that in the last syllable of Heb.#1954 you see the
word “shua” which means Salvation.
Second, notice that the "shua" part has a prefix using "hey".

And since “shua”/Salvation has a prefix with “hey”, then "shua"
is already enlarged to:   “BEHOLD” Salvation !, or THE Salvation !
So, even 
before Moses makes any changes to the original name, 
that name already implies something profound (perhaps hidden

But when Moses did add his "yod" he
definitely “exalted” & changed the name.
Moses did CHANGE* the original spelling
and introduced a hidden (or new) meaning
just like Rabbi Nachmanides (Rambam) said.   
It is reasonable to suspect that Moses foresaw
our Savior DEU.18:15; IS.43:11, and foresaw the
role of Joshua to resemble the role of our Saviour,
and was led by the Holy Spirit to honor
Moses was led to change the spelling.  Then scripture 
advises us to "exalt" and "magnify" and "glorify" the 
  Name of Elohim Almighty, including YaHUShuA
's Name. 
  The "letter of the Scriptures" contains many deep things 
but requires the "love of the Spirit" to discern the intent.
Before you misquote any of this or misunderstand Moses,   
you had better think twice ! 
 Discord is hated by YaHUaH. 

-and in conclusion:
Hoshea received his name-enlargement from Moses. 
The intent of the Holy Spirit is reasonable: use Num.6:27 to spell & honor YaH.
Hundreds of Israelites had names which began or ended with YaHU not Yeh  ! !
Abraham & Sarah & Israel received their enlargement directly from YaHUaH.
now resembles three other names, known to Moses, using Yahu.
"As for me and my house, we will serve YaHUaH" and infuse His Name !  -and you

Later, Micah wrote as if our Messiah would use "Yahu".  Mic.5:4a

Our Savior came in His Father's name ! Jn.5:43 ; Mk.1:11   
angels repeated  Is.43:11 in  Luke 2:11 !,  
which supported the "Yahu"
in Moses's spelling. 

In Luke 1:32
Gabriel told Mary

"son of the highest"
yet men want to rob Him
not only of tithes and a worldwide 
  welcome, but rob Him of His Father's Name.

Careless street people, then and now, refer to
  YaHUShuA by some less-noble nickname like Yeshua; 
but said angels & Gabriel already knew His rank as "Yahu-" !  
It certainly was offensive to many people who tried to silence it.
The Name above all Names had to be more special than common !
His Name was a special Name like John the Baptist’s. Luke 1:13, 61 !  
John was "sent from God"(Jn.1:6) and named using the prefix "YAH", 
Messiah, 'sent from God'  (Jn.6:57), was named using the prefix "YAH" !  
F.Y.I. :  Nine men in Scripture were named "John",    i.e. YAHCHANNAN !!
Dozens & dozens of different names began with "YAH" (some very evil) !
The assigned prefix for “John” was YAH,  
(Strong’s Hebrew Dict. Heb.#3076)
The assigned prefix for Capt. “Joshua” was YAH,
(Strong’s Hebrew Dict. Heb.#3091) 
Easy correlations: "Joel" means "Yah is El".
                                              "Joshua means "Yah is Salvation".
Even an earthly High Priest in Zechariah used that "Yah" prefix.

The Son of YaHUaH deserved the prefix YAH more than anyone !
Contrary men will deny that just like they deny Creationism.

Few people on earth will declare YaHUShuA. 
Do you really want to rob Him of that too (like the tithe) ?
  We pray your Spirit Component can overpower your other two
 Components (body & mind) (for righteous growth here); 
  -THAT is real violence.  
And to love & declare YaHUShuA is about the most violent.
Matt.11:12 ; Zech. 3:2 !

Wisdom & Knowledge & Understanding 
  should be able to show you that the word Hoshea was enlarged.  
It is enlarged from "The Salvation" to "Yahu Who is Salvation" !
The "highest & best" or most "exalted" result is YAHU - SHUA !
Twenty-seven different Bible Names use Yahu in their prefix.
Seventy-two different Bible names use Yahu in their suffix. 
Those ninety-nine names are used & re-used by 396 folks !

This enlargement of this name produces a good pattern.
Now we have YaHUaH that put His Name at Jerusalem. 
Now we have the great name Yahudah related to the Southern Kingdom.
Now we have the great name YaHUShuA
related to the Northern Kingdom, 
since Capt. Joshua / YaHUShuA
was not from the tribe of Judah.
Now we have the great name YaHUShuA (Messiah) over all the land of Israel.
NOTE:  Capt. of our Salvation never slumbers nor sleeps.
Hallelu -YAH !


F.Y.I. :
JOEL   =   JO-EL   =   YAH-EL   =   YAH "IS" EL   =   YaHUaH IS ELOHIM

ha Shua> the Salvation ; ha Shem> the Name ; ha almah> the virgin ;
ha Torah> the Torah ; ha aretz> the land ; ha Mashiach> the Messiah

Hebrew#5483 = ha Sus (Je Sus) = the Horse !
@ Ps.33:17 ; Est.6:8,9,10,11 ; Prov.21:31 ; Ex.15:1  -et al

  WELCOME: to Restorations

 N A M E   
  R E S T O R A T I O N S

   Exalted !, Magnified !, Glorified !  -to the HIGHEST !

    Note: Hebrew letters read   <<<<                                        
    Note: English phonic equivalents read  
    Note: See Section on Consonants & Vowels: Yahu/wah    
                      The emphasis of the definition would be on the first syllable     
                      The emphasis of the pronunciation, varies among experts !            

UUSuuA = YaHUUShuuA = YaHUShuA = 

=  YaHuWaH  =   YaHUaH   =  YHUH        
=  YaHuWShuA   =   YaHUShuA   =   YHUSA       

Ancient/Original Hebrew never used the letter "J" nor "V"; 
and their "waw" often sounded like "uu" ! 


Help with the big RED* letter near the top of this page: 
*It is called a "waw", not vav. 
And that letter preceding the big  RED  "waw" is called a "hey".
   Moses's Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet did not use the letter "v",
so "My Holy Name" did not use it either.


   DISOBEDIENT RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES  treat Archaeologists & Translators like liars 
   by imposing "v" sound into the ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet.  
   Yemen preserved the most ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet,
while the Sephardic and/or Ashkenazi  YaHUDIM brought in the "v" sound. 
   Believers want their silly name preserved in The Book of Life, but abuse His HOLY Name. 

Let's use this Top Line to give the "Bottom Line", right now.       

In our desire to Worship,  we proclaim (assert / defend) Elohim's Name: 
..... we  exalt it, Ps.34:3;  we "glorify"/magnify it, Rev.15:4; 2 Sam.7:26.  
Our PROOFS cannot go "higher" than the name YaHUShuA.   Deu. 29:29
BUT . . . . . . .  our speculations do naturally wonder beyond that. 

Gloria = ancient half-nude goddess. 
"Jewish" calendar months use names of Babylonian gods.]]] 

Gabriel appeared to Mary and assigned Messiah the same name as Captain Joshua who
succeeded Moses:  Joshua [YaHUShuA] .   Acts 7:45 ; Hebrews 4:8  
Nine months later, angels rejoiced to the shepherds saying "Master YaHUaH !" 
Lu.2:11 Aramaic 

Gabriel's specification of divinity to Mary nine months earlier had to match the angels' 
specification of divinity spoken to the shepherds at the time He was born. 
The match occurs in the first syllable of each specification.  They are both alike. 
The Hebrew spelling of both is given to you in gigantic letters at the top of this page. 
Heb. Dictionary Word No. 3068 sits above Heb. Dictionary Word No. 3091. 
The evidence, using Hebrew spelling of botheasily and irrefutably impose YAH 
at the beginning of  Messiah's Name.   
Jer. 17:9 


Stay alert here. 

Our Rescuer is Splendor Itself , beyond imagination ! 
BEYOND THAT, He suffered, then went to prepare splendor to share splendor with us.  
His pure royalty and pure loyalty is entitled to the finest Name you can exalt. So get serious.

That four-letter Name, at top, belongs to both Father & Son in the Old Testament (TaNaK). 
That  five-letter Name, at top, belongs to the Son  in the New Testament (Brit HaDashah).
Reading from right-to-left, both Names are just alike in the first two syllables
:  YaH - U - . . . . .
NOTE: One page in our Menu,  Real Bible Proof,  lists 520 words in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary
that help guide you toward the sound of  YaHUaH.   (Of course you would need the Dictionary.)  
If your IQ can navigate the internet it can also easily notice the common sound in those ancient
Hebrew words we collected.  That pattern is seen hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of times ! 
There is a list of 72 places where the  RED  letter is  "uu" or "uw", at the ends of other names.   
FOR YOUR INFORMATION, YaHUaH could get its "uu" sound more ways than one.
FOR YOUR INFORMATION, YaHUaH could get its "uu" sound by using little "qibbuts" instead
of the  RED  letter, but we choose to refer you to our ordained brother, Allen, below, to explain.  
NOTE: Those 520 examples above are logically conclusive, but also compelling is the spelling of
YaHUDaH/Judah as a historical-precedent-phonic.  Just take a look, several paragraphs down,
-and THINK FOR YOURSELF ! !  Please.   

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End".   [ Rev. 22:13 ]  
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".      [ Matt. 1:21 ]  

The world does not care about those Hebrew Names (nor the two RED letters that get ignored) 
We want you to care about both NAMES  &  definitions  &  value  &  superior pronunciations !
This is your chance (Ecc. 9:11) to profit (2Tim. 3:16)

"I am that I am" is not a name but His offer to describe His Self-Existence.   Ex.3:14
His O.T. Name describes His Self-Existence plus His role as creator.   Ex. 3:15
His N.T. Name describes His Self-Existence plus His role as saviour.   Lu. 1:26  
His Name is provided to Men and Angels to assert His Supremacy. 
His Name announces two concepts: His Self-Existence and our dependency, as creation.
His Name was repeatedly said to be put at Jerusalem.   You need to care.

A few do know about that RED letter, but shamefully fail to defend it.   

The RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels.
The RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants.

The RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels.
The RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants.

The RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels.
The RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants.

Got it?

The point is:  the "uu"-sound belongs regardless if silly little school kids think it sounds silly.  
That's their problem !  Scripture says: 'Get Serious' !    
[Just to be thorough, we did register a secondary Internet Domain Name: www.YAHUW2.com 

Pay attention.
Here's a technicality:    Our Man "Captain Joshua" is named by H3091 at 203 places, but, the
name alone, "Joshua"/YaHUShuA [spelled Heb.#3091] actually appears in KJV at 222 places. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
 of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 

220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points.
(Torah/TaNaK Scrolls at Synagogues do not provide the little vowel points, but reprints, as books
& charts commonly provide them and also other symbols called cantillation: Trop or Ta'ameem.)

All those 220 create that second "uu" sound by using vowel points, not a real Hebrew letter.  
All those 220 occurences of that second "uu" sound, are created by vowel points called "qibbuts", 
which are placed adjacent to its preceding (or parent) letter. 
The preceding letter (or parent letter)  in this case is a "shin".   "Shin" looks like an English "W".  
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that second "uu" sound a different way. 
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that second "uu" sound by using a real letter.
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that second "uu" sound by using a real letter.
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that second "uu" sound by using a real letter.
Those other two odd spellings, get that second "uu" sound by using a real letter called "waw".
One of the two spellings appears in the Torah; the other appears outside the Torah.

At first, we might wonder if those two odd spellings with the extra letter were "scribal errors".  
Deuteronomy 3:21 ; Judges 2:7
It is fair to say that these two are noteable exceptions, alright, but they are alright !  
Their existence serves several useful principles :   
    1.   Both are alike and one is inside the TORAH and one is outside the TORAH;
    2.   Both [meaning TWO] resemble two witnesses present to affirm the same phonics;
    3.   Both yield exactly the same phonic result as the little "qibbuts" explained above;
    4.   Both testify that the phonic sound used today was employed in those very ancient days; 
    5.   Both testify that YaH's inspired word can contain variety without guilt of contradiction;
    6.   Both are endorsed by our Rescuer's remark that every "jot & tittle" are precious.
    7.   Both six-letter spellings have been recopied many thousands of times.  Psalms 12:6   
Variety is often an extra burden, -but  The Creator does enjoy variety !

Some commentators theorized that Joshua's name was deprived of one letter as a perpetual dishonor since he disobeyed a serious warning against perverse treaties.
(see  Ex. 34:12    vs.   Joshua 9:14,15). 
Not likely ! ,  - because, years before that, the first appearance was by the hand of Moses and
did not use the "extra" letter.  Num.13:16

But both spellings, with or without a real Hebrew letter, sound the same and are valid.
BTW, - Torah scrolls at synagogues do not provide little vowel points, but reprints of scrolls
in Interlinear "Bibles", prayer books, etc. provide little vowel-points.  Such reprints which 
provide vowel points, all faithfully put little qibbuts beneath the Heb. letter shin
in "Joshua", 220 times to assure preservation of the "uu" sound,  -worldwide.  

The "N" word in American slang is derogatory and destructive.   The word "Jew" is worse. 

That word “Jew” is a disgrace and never appears in the TaNaK !  

When our savior spoke John 4:22,  He did not say “Jews”, He said YaHUDIM/Heb#3064 !
[Ez.6:7 ; Deu.26:19 ; 28:1,10,13 ; 32:13 ; 33:29 ; Is.14:2 ; 45:14,17 ; 49:23 ; 60:14 ! ] 

Sure, English Bibles use it, but, spiritually the word "Jew" perverts the original inspiration   
of the Name of G-d Almighty, "YAH", KJV-Ps.68:4b !               Do you care ?  (duh ?)

Question:  What is wrong ?
 Scripture tries to give Yah's Name 7000x, yet you won't care ? 

Answer:  LACK OF AFFECTION/ENDEARMENT  . . . ( but, FYI:  "faith worketh by love" !)
You who won’t care invariably become little puppets of some cheater. 

        Say Israel  and/or  Israelite.  (Jew is disrespectful slang for Israelite ->  Y'isra'el 
Jews     ->   YaHUDIM
Judean  ->   YaHUD     
Judah   ->   YaHUDaH
Yahweh ->  

Behold the superiority of evidence here !   
We may show you the corresponding Hebrew letters later.    
You need to know that the same Hebrew letters that spell  Yahudah spell YaHUaH. 
(Google result for "yehuda" was more than  9,800,000 ! )
(Google result for "yahuda" was more than      500,000 ! ) 
Whether you emphasize the first syllable of His Name or middle, the "U" belongs ! ! 

&  . . . . . . . . .

That YaH  is the supreme, sublime prefix.  
That YaH  prefix was first put into a personal name for Abraham's great-grandson, YaHUDaH.
It was continued from those who used it long before Noah's flood:  Genesis 4:1, 26.   
About four hundred years after Abraham's great-grandson, YaHUDaH,  it was repeated to Moses
from the burning bush: Ex. 3:15.   Ps.68:4b (KJV) is emphatic about the term YaH !  
It is defined as “The Self-Existent One” and is superior to the lazy slur "Ye" substitute.

Tradition hides/suppresses His Great Name.
Tradition knows about its own sly  “irregularity”.
Tradition assigns vowel points to its word YaHUaH <differently from> its word YaHUDaH !
That “re-assignment” demeans YaHUaH into  yehowah.  Are you listening ?  This is important.  
It is inexcusable how Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend to obey, yet don't.   
This website does not promote terms that are less accurate: sacred name, yahweh, yeshua.   
REAL BIBLE PROOFS above tries to show you more fool-proof proof than you will ever need.

A silly  "so what" - "who cares"  is overruled by the Source Document, TaNaK, in Ex. 3:14. 
The sound there for "I AM" is stable as: HaYAHAre you listening ?  This is very important.
That Hebrew word there for "I AM" , HaYAH, does NOT vary in sound for any hothead.  
In the next verse, v.15, the YaH appears again and conveys again SELF-EXISTENCE.  

That demands stability.    So !   DON'T FOOL WITH YaH !   
FYI:  In Hebrew, there is not a word for  "is".   REPEAT. 
FYI:  In Hebrew, there IS a word for  "I AM", and it's stable as a rock !    HaYaH ! 
That demands stability.    So !   DON'T FOOL WITH YAH !   


THAN RISK BEING "WRONG" ABOUT "tradition", in YeH, (2Cor.3:6)

A brief word to students to consider  "I Am   that   I Am" :  

  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  Heb.#1961 (both of them) 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  that  #1961 !  . . . . or . . . . 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  who  #1961
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  haYAH   (think:   haYaH   who is   haYaH).
  • There is also this sound of resemblance:  The YAH who is The YaH
  • So then, that said,  "AH" is not "EH".     Repeat:  The "AH" is not "EH".    
  • The Hebrew there is never read as:  The Yeh  who is  The Yeh.    DO YOU SEE IT ?
  • (It could mean:   "I am who I am"   or    "I will be   whatever   I want to be".)
  • "YaH" prevails in Ps.68:4b , and in Hallelu-YaH , and many places like this , firmly, forever !!
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" ,  is known to mean:  "The Self-Existent One".  
  • I recommend that you not fool with His meaning He is trying to convey, -or Him !!!

Here's TWO more briefings for students familiar with this subject.   


IF  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,    like Josephus tried to explain to Greeks readers . . .

  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,  the effects of that giant  RED  letter above is  "uw".
IF  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,  then the letter "W" is applied here like the vowel "U". 
520 examples are offerred at top in Website Topics ::: Real Bible Proof, as generous proof. 

In case you weren't listening . . . . .
520 examples are offerred at top in Website Topics ::: Real Bible Proof, as generous proof. 

The average mind can check a few of those samples and recognize the common pattern.   
The samples are in the Hebrew Dictionary in the back of the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. 
It was copyrighted in English 120+ years ago in 1890
There is no excuse for  the  D.R.A.'s  suppression !
The 520 ex. follow the famous "uw" sound made by Abraham's great-grandson.  (Judah)  
If you compare the Hebrew letters in Judah and YaHUaH you see that the letter "waw" exists 
the same in each one and serves to produce the same "Holy Name" prefix (and also
the same sound "UU").     
More than that, the most famous word on earth needs that very same letter 
to make the "UU" sound in  H a l l e U  y a h !  

The  YH
H (from Yemen) mentioned  in a remark above, 
is more ancient and authentic than the invention of  YH
by the  (Sephardic/Askenazi).  

[ You should know the difference between the  TORAH and the  TaNaK. ] 
[ The TaNaK is all the "Old Testament" Scriptures.  The TORAH is only the first five books. ]


IF you say the >  YHWH  is  all
consonants, i.e. orig., authentic of Paleo-Hebrew
you say the >  YHWH  is  all consonants, you must learn a page full of tiny Hebrew    
Vowel-Points, i.e."punctuations" then add certain Vowel-Points to certain consonants !   
IF you say the > YHWH  is all consonants,  the effects of that giant  RED  letter above 
is merely/only as a "w" (got that ?)  instead of the "uw" mentioned above. 
So, in a system of consonants,  in order to create that sound of  "uw" , 
Hebrew has to manipulate some preceeding letter using little vowel points.

Now . . . . .      
-because Consonants use Vowel-Points to predict every vowel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      
The Hebrew letter preceding  that giant  RED  letter above is called "hey",
and (as a Consonant) it must predict/generate/impose for itself its own vowel,    
such as:  ha, he, hi, ho, hu.     (ha !)    
Hebrew grammar demands that one-of-those-five vowels follow after that letter "hey"   
before the  RED  letter is pronounced.   Here, this  "hey"  is Vowel-Pointed to generate  "hu".   

To omit a vowel between the two middle letters of  > YHWH,  
is "a violation of Hebrew grammar"
according to the master of these phonics, Mr. Gesenius.  

Mr. Gesenius's  "supreme" quotes and 
documentation are offered in the Website Topics, on Page Ten, above.  

Mr. Gesenius's genius is Above  "Top Genius"  !!!!!!

It would take many pages to describe his insight & influence.   
(His manual has been republished about 29 times in about 140 yrs. ? ) 
Churchpeople everywhere have heard of Strong's Concordance to the Bible. 
Therefore, they have heard of Mr. Strong.  But Mr. Gesenius may actually 
be more famous since his book for "Jews" is circulated to even more countries.  
In fact,  FYI,  a very famous reference book is compiled using the labors of 
four men and  Mr. Gesenius in the Title :   
The New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon  !     

This next fact is the opposite of trivia
It is a brief, sample proof that the word yahweh cannot be valid 
Some of you will have to stretch your IQ a little, but it is worth it !

The first two letters in "My Holy Name" happen to have a similar capability
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" are able to generate any vowel necessary 
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" happen to have a similar requirement. 
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds
. . . . . . -must always . . . . .

Let your mind get the significance !    
Other letters behave other ways,
but these first two consonant letters in > YHWH    
must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name)
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name)
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name)
. . . . got it ? 
 . . . . . . . need to hear it again ? 
Other letters behave other ways,
but these first two consonant letters in > YHWH    
must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds.  
In fact, other consonants  are not required to make so many vowels sounds. 

And every such combo is a syllable.  
Do you need more talk ?  
It is important enough to repeat.    

Since this small fact creates a syllable, we get a word/name 
that results in three sylables in Yah's full Name !   

The magazine
Biblical Archaeology Review ,
1995, Mar/Apr, Vol.21, No.2, Pg.30,
provides assertions by a Professor Emeritus,
that "My Holy Name" [the Tetragrammaton]
is most certainly three sylables.

Three syllables are also implied by the adjective in  Ex.3:14 
where Elohim describes Himself as  "I Am who I Am" ! 
Compare the lettering and phonics so you can see for yourself.  
Several authorities, with much more comfort & advantage in life, 
are still ignorant or careless about all this.  
As we just said about this consonant "hey", 
one of five Vowel Sounds are always required to be produced and follow it.  
The sound we want is the one most famous of all here:  "uu" or "uw" sound.

That Vowel Sound also can follow other letters having Vowel-Points called "qibbuts". 

That Vowel Sound is the one we see in the world-famous name YaHUDaH, i.e. Judah. (Jews) 
That Vowel Sound has been a strong letter in that word for centuries, and also HallelU-YaH ! 

That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  a gross total of 84,240 times. 
That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  a gross total of 84,240 times. 

That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  right beside  that  RED  letter,  13,256 times.
That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  right beside  that  RED  letter,  13,256 times.

So these two letters are side-by-side as pairs, 13,256 times throughout the entire TaNaK. OK ?
So these two letters are side-by-side as pairs, 13,256 times throughout the entire TaNaK. OK ?

About half of these 13,256-pairs (7,000) just happen to be in His Name > YHWH ! 
About half of these 13,256-pairs (7,000) just happen to be in His Name > YHWH ! 

Never, NEVER,  in all those pairs, can any little Vowel-Points on that consonant letter "hey"
eliminate the vowel sound which is supposed to follow the  "hey" .   Therefore, . . . . . .
it must exist between the "hey" and the red letter in all those 13,256 places. 

Therefore, there is always a vowel: a, e, i, o, u, following the "hey" in all those 13,256-pairs. 
All these pairs were verified by computer.  

In fact, just as curiosity, we will go back and computer-check all 84,240 occurences of "hey"
as a total search of Scripture to be sure that there are no exceptions.   
There is about one-chance-in-a-million that you care enough to check them yourself.    

Therefore, again, the word yahweh (not YaHUaH) violates the phonics in the scriptures. 
Can you understand ?  
The evidence is plain enough to correct (or shame) an honest procrastinator.
Several authorities, with much more comfort & advantage in life, are still careless about all this.
No challenger has ever once been brave enough to try to prove us wrong on this point.

          YAH_WEH ≠ YAHUAH   

     Remember, even the "Mastermind of Hebrew Grammar", says so. 
     His Sourcebook has been republished more than dozens of times since the early 1800's !  
     His talent was a phenomenon; it is applied throughout the world of Hebrew 150yrs later. 

     Are you listening ?;  - do you care ?   

     Gesenius vaguely mentioned some remote possibility that:      
     somewhere, some-day, some Vowel-Sound produced by a "hey" ,     
     might possibly get suppressed during pronunciation       
     if it happened to occur at the conjunction of     
     some very rare hyphenated, compound-Hebrew-name.       
     But > YHWH  is not one of those rare, hyphenated, compound-Hebrew-names.  
     Therefore, (repeat), the word yahweh (not YaHUaH) violates the living phonics 
     examples in the scriptures. 

the  YH
H (from Yemen) mentioned  in a remark above, 
is superior to the invention of  YH
H  by the  (Askenazi).  
The  Waw (from Yemen) sound of this letter is so famous in His Name as "uu" that some 
English texts do write  YHUH  instead of  YHWH !  

Yes, and, it is conceivable to "re-decorate" His REAL Name in verse 15 with vowel points
so that it 
resembles the  "I AM THAT I AM" in verse 14. 

Tradition is very quiet about the fact that at least 
six dozen different Bible names end with "Yahu", and

two dozen* begin with "Yahu", and, 
two dozen others contain "Yah", and  
derivations with those three were distributed among nearly 400 people and . . . . . ,  
five dozen geographic landmarks in the Middle East today begin or end with "YAH"
as identified on National Geographic Maps

*from: Heb#3058  - to: Heb#3092 


Regardless how you honor the RED letter, be obedient to His real Name, instead of LORD.

Like it or not, you are caught in a "Culture War" as described in The Bible in 1 Kings18:24.

If you're a scoffer, SCRIPTURE has some tough-talk aimed right at your head
That threat is worse than a loaded, cocked, 45cal. gun stuck in your face: 2Thess.2:10,11,12  
Shameful !, how much tough-talk  YaHUaH  has to use to make you listen !
Mal. 2:2,3

The "Yah" is obviously an essential part in His Name.
The REAL Holy Spirit will prefer His REAL Holy Name , but a fake hOLY sPIRIT won't.
Are you brave enough to rob Him of it ?
We magnify His Name the most by using   YaH  instead of that yeh . . . . . . .
Our Rescuer's Name, (and "joshua's") YaHUShuA, --is a contraction of YaHUaH-Yasha !
YaHUaH-Yasha : 
        "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End, -Who is salvation" !  

Just think how jealous/envious those ancient YaHUDIM/Jews would be if they had to call 
Mary's son YaHUaH-Yasha ! ! !  [[[[ like: jehovah-jireh,   jehovah-nissi,   jehovah-rapha]]]]
If they had heard that the infant's Name would be YaHUaH-Yahsha (a Name above all Names),
they could have called it blasphemy and attempted violence right there in Bethlehem !  
Note No. 1:  In the Millennium His Name will be YaHUaH-Our Righteousness !  (Jer.23:6) 
Note No. 2:
  The angels announced His birth as "Master YaHUaH !"  (Lu.2:11 Aramaic) ,
therefore that word YaHUaH could or should have also been used in about a hundred other
places in the KJV-NT.  Ex. Luke 4:18
That term "Master YaHUaH !" is speaking Hebrew. 
Those happy angels were not singing in Greek ! 

We urge you to seek & see & claim  truth here and in our book entitled MY HOLY NAME  
You readers/friends here will be wiser & stronger, like Bereans, than the willingly ignorant
You also fulfil/comply with  (Rom.10:19)  if you claim and proclaim His Name.  

Your learning curve (leading to rewards) requires this:  Realize, Repent, Receive
, -truth ! 
Human interest is fleeting.  Talk is cheap  So, . . .  this tries  to be brief. 
Guidance/leading by the Holy Spirit is the most real thing. 

The WORD & the SPIRIT are pure and their counsel here will edify you by Love & for Love.
We flex our courage to bring you faint truth amidst hostilities.

Let's use you in a parable.
In the Operating Room, surgeons and their facilities can only do so much. 
Your Body must co-operate.  

You're there now, spiritually, and your Spirit component must co-operate.     
TenderLovingCare by nurses, whether as a compliment or warning,  can only do so much.   
Even the CREATOR HIMSELF has serious limits.  
True, He is the Author & Finisher of our faith, but he lets our affections remain voluntary.  
Scripture tells us over & over that His Name is precious, and vital to Salvation 
But He won't make us care or have affections.  
Affections are left voluntary and  are a transparent measure (naked; Heb. 4:13) of us, to Him.  
Advice to non-fools: Ex.20:7 !  "He that loveth me not, keepeth not my sayings" Jn.14:24a     
-that "sin is STILL a transgression of the TORAH !"  Rom.3:31; -7:14 ; 1 John 3:4 

Fools are disposable like roaches (no love lost) :  Prov. 1:25,26 !  

Our private prayer is that you won't pro-claim it without the affection that is part of it.   

And YaHUShuA answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man deceive you" Matt.24:4
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan,
which deceiveth the whole world.Rev.12:9
which deceiveth the whole world:

I'm never allowed to call you a fool.  
But, dear soul, (silly or average or hateful), what other word fits, if you desire your petty name
to be in YaH's Book of Life but you don't desire His Majestic Name in your life
Your abject ignorance is not your fault, -not originally.    
Blame disobedient men (Philip. 3:2) who may get publicly whipped
(Luke 12:47,48,49).
The second most dangerous thing on earth is a diverted/perverted religious authority. 
See for yourself
:  1 Kings 12:28 - 13:ALL.
Whoever gets deceived will join the scenery, like the floating corpses which Noah had to ignore
irretrievable & forgotten.

Yes !  Sure !  Of course ! 
"The joy of  YaHUaH  is our strength !"  Hallelu-YAH
(-not scoldings and life as a colorless drudge 
But/And His Name is among the  TOP TEN  joys & strengths & commands ! ! 
This sin-cursed world is now invaded by unrepentance and death. 
But when they're gone, we can navigate with delight/respect/jubilation !

All this is so plain to see,  so magnificent,  -I just wanna  shout and say
"Don't you get it ?"   
Then it dawns that you cannot "get it" if you never hear what YaH means. 
You cannot enjoy the value of His Name until you hear what YaH means !   
Think of what it means when you say it and you almost start "a new journey of love", in life !    
ELOHIM ALMIGHTY ["Let Us Make . . ."] made this little planet, this solar system, 
this galaxy, and all this universe, speedily, . . . but He doesn't inhabit it.
His "habitation" is outside/independent of it.  
He inhabits eternity, and retains sovereign authority over everything.   
Is. 57:15 ! 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . [[[ exception: He cannot make us love Him ]]]
You cannot enjoy the value of His Name until you rely on what YaH means !    
If you rely on what it means when you say it, you almost start "a new journey of love" !    

We must submit to Him that way !   
The comfort is that He is a very competent daddy and shepherd.  

Now for the meaning of "Halleluia". 
Churchpeople and the whole world has heard that word and shout it when they rejoice.
BUT they have been left dumb & ignorant by leaders who stay aloof and fear little peers.
Religious Authorities can joke & collect money during your time to sing in worship
BUT they have left you looking dumb & ignorant about the Name of your Elohim !  Pathetic.    

Now for the meaning of "Halleluia".  
It means:  "PRAISE BE TO YAH !!!"   -or "PRAISE YAH !!!"
Numerous big Bible Bookstores make money using the word "Halleluia" in advertising, but they
don't know about its true meaning,
and don't wanna know and disregard it after they're told. 
They only want the MONEY from it !!!    . . . . . . . just go away, . . . . go tell somebody else ! 

Whoever won't "Fear" & "Revere" His Name is not led by the Spirit, but grieves the Spirit.  
As for "Fear" and "Revere" His Name, we're also expected to tremble at His Word.  
No other noun in Scripture, -no other topic in the Ten Commandments, occurs more often.
His basics are few and simple and paramount and binding, without non-sense.  REPEAT.

At this point, consider these brief distinctions : 
                                       Hallelu-YaH    means    "Praise be to YaH !"   
                           Judah (YaHU-DaH)    means    "YaH, I will praise !"
  YaDaH    means    "Praise with the hands"

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End".  
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation". 
Yes, of course, the letter "w" looks awkward or superfluous in His Name but we here retain it
to show that in the Hebrew spelling, a Hebrew letter exists right there. 
It is the one called (not vav), but is called a "waw". 



A brief word to students to consider  "I Am   that   I Am" :  

  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  Heb.#1961 (both of them) 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  that  #1961 !  . . . . or . . . . 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  who  #1961
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  haYAH   (think:   haYAH   who is   haYAH).
  • There is also this resemblance:  The YAH who is The YAH
  • So then, that said,  "AH" is not "EH".     Repeat:  The "AH" is not "EH".    
  • The Hebrew there is never read as:  The Yeh  who is  The Yeh.    DO YOU SEE IT ?
  • (It could mean:   "I am who I am"   or    "I will be   whatever   I want to be".)
  • (It could mean:   "The Self-Existent One   who is   The Self-Existent One".)
  • "Yah" prevails in Ps.68:4b, and in Hallelu-YAH, and many places like this, firmly, forever !!
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" ,  is known to mean:  "The Self-Existent One".
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" is the "acceptable contraction" of YaHUaH (apart from YaHUaH)
  • and is distributed throughout the book of Psalms & Isaiah dozens and dozens of times.

Dumb Detractors may "bet my life" on their position, but won't "bet their own life" !   ha !
Dumb Detractors get real uncharitable when pressed for their exact procedure for phonics.
All you have to do is test them and see for yourself.        
(Certain Scriptures declare and explain the source of that evil-eye uncharitableness.)             

Scripture specifies: "Name above all Names" , -not "Title above all Titles" !
Scripture specifies: "no other Name",  -not "no other Title" !
Scripture specifies  "Name" so repeatedly that Authorities (and you) are foolish to deny it.  
D.R.A.  stubbornly substitute the word "Title" even tho Scripture says "Name", repeatedly

Do you know about the warning:  "fear and trembling" ?   
-ya reckon G-d watched His only Son squirm in your place but now He's just kiddin'
Let's hope that Name means "person" too, but the door on Noah's Ark wasn't kiddin'

Please consider: 
Matt. 7:21, 22, 23 ! ! !  

YaHUaH wants His Name DECLARED worldwide.  Ex.9:16 ; Rom.9:17
Are you really, -really going to leave that up to us ?
Don't quibble & mutter that G-d scrambled the languages and it just doesn't matter anymore.
The Host Himself, YaHUShuA, said His Word would never pass away.
Even Common Sense says we should honor the same Sabbath and Holy Name like Him.

It is endearing to YaHUaH when we acknowledge His Supreme Sovereignty by His Name.  
AS HIS IMAGE, YOU too favor/protect/reward those who love you the most.  
His Word has told us to diligently seek Him and His ways and learn to love Him  
We will or we won't.   There is no Plan B or second chance

You could call Him YaHUaH which means
"The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End".
You could call Him YaHUShuA which means:
"The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".
(You who misquote the truth in these Majestic Restorations will be ashamed.)
Prov.25:2 ; Deu.29:29
"The fear of YaHUaH is the beginning of wisdom" Ps.111:10

I prefer
YaH bless you";   "YaH bless America";   "One Nation under YaH ";   
"In YaH We Trust" ! ;    "YaH is good";    "Hallelu-YaH ! ;    "Thank YaH !";  
"YaH is still on the throne"  or  "Thank you Abba !".   

These expressions are more accurate and endearing and less generic, and fully acceptable

Original Hebrew scripture uses the acceptable contraction "YaH" repeatedly.
(Psalms & Isaiah)

The Bible has this "attitude".   
It says that if we warned you about something vital,
regardless how you re-act, we got your blood off our hands.

Quotable Quote:
(Reminder to myself: 1Cor.8:1b) 
The purpose of Torah is to make you more loving in His ways.
If it has made you more condemning of others,
you just may be using Torah unlawfully. 
If others condemn themselves, that is different. 


After YaHUaH announced his desire to honor Judah/YaHUDaH
(above in 2 Kings), they got punished.
The House of "Judah" was marched 700 mi. as POW's  to Babylon,
which changed YaHUaH's original signature to this. 
Babylon still perverts Heb. letters & names & calendars & strong men
((into cowed ,
Politically-Correct little geldings)). 


Your Truth or Consequences are YOURS. 
Prior to calamity, "dead" people prefer "dead" things, 1 Tim.5:6  
Don't expect too much out a "dead" man.
"DEAD":   anything in our universe
(mental, physical, spiritual)
which does not desire to eat & reproduce.



FOR YEARS.  Matt. 11:25


[ Bro. Allen's mailing address is in  W E B S I T E   T O P I C S , above, on last page.] 
---or see:  www.oilderrick.name     





  1. "MY HOLY NAME"  Lev. 20:3
  2. "MY HOLY NAME"  Lev. 22:2
  3. "MY HOLY NAME"  Lev. 22:32
  4. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze. 20:39
  5. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze. 36:20
  6. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.36:21
  7. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.39:7
  8. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.39:7
  9. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.39:25
  10. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.43:7
  11. "MY HOLY NAME"  Eze.43:8
  12. "MY HOLY NAME"  Amos 2:7
( But Holy-Spirit-Conviction can get your attention better than twelve times and a club.)




(The Holy Spirit is on duty. If you don't hear Him, you're not listening well.)


COPE WITH SOME "DECOY" VOWEL POINTS, [small example: Ez.33:27 vs Ez. 33:23,29] AND,



. . . . . . .the   "Temporary Priesthood & Sacrifices"   from the   "Permanent Principles of His Kingdom" !   


We regret to inform you
that a Calendar which is exact for YaHUaH, does not exist.
But since His Feast Days must be honored perpetually,
-please find yourself a Calendar which does honor them,  AND, 


Our latest persuasion is that His Calendar year begins
at the first new moon after the Spring Equinox.  Ex.12:2  

In Rev.2:12,13  you can see a very interesting "co-incidence".
The City of Pergamos was cited both as the seat of Satan and a city
of controversy about YaHUShuA's Name. 
Pergamos was the location of the Temple of Zeus and the likely origin
of the controversial homonym, Jesus.
(The Supreme Greek Deity was Zeus.)

Two verses seem to say that someone was named Immanuel.  Isaiah 7:14 ; 8:8
Some writers say it was a name given to a son of Isaiah.
One expert on names published a book describing every person named
in the Scriptures and plainly shows that it was never a NAME for anyone.
see:  Everyone in the Bible,  by William P. Barker
Some say it is one of several Names given to the Savior (Rescuer).
But since Immanuel means "Elohim is with us", it is more of a Title or even
an adjective, than a Name.

By calling Him Yeshua, people misquote Gabriel in Luke1:31.

Since Gabriel did not name Him Yeshua (much less Yeshu), then
neither should we. We wouldn't dare to, -even for a million dollars.

And it "saddens me" to see countless dear, deprived, hungry readers,
get misled. Haven't they been mis-led enough already ?

Computers may use ELS to show dozens of patterns where the
word yeshua can be found, but that is not our Rescuer's Name ! !
Computers do not discern by the Spirit.
The Word &The Spirit of Yah takes precedent/priority before computers.

Two ancient Greek manuscripts are Acts & Hebrews.  
Both mention two different men by name.
Both mention "Jesus" and "Jesus".
Two ancient Aramaic manuscripts are Acts & Hebrews.  
Both mention two different men by name.
Both mention "Jesus" and "Jesus".

That Greek is the highest & commonest authority
and it spells both alike.  
Schoolkid Algebra says: . . . . . . .
"Two things equal to the same thing are equal to each other."
So, whatever was the spelling and phonics for "joshua" is also
for our Rescuer.  YaHUShuA will remind sluggards of this, someday.

We know very well that Moses never called "joshua" Yeshua.
We know very well that Gabriel never called "jesus" Yeshua.
That word is a diminished allusion, and not to be substituted for
the original name of "Joshua".                   
The original name "Joshua" 

was conferred by Moses about 1000 years prior to Ezra &
Nehemiah.  Ezra & Nehemiah helped restore Jerusalem
after decades in Babylon.  The years in Babylon injured  
many things Jewish:  their alphabet, their calendar, their 
manhood and their names.  Even the spelling of "Joshua"
was evidently modified when you compare the original 
spelling of Hebrew letters in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 to 
the spelling about a thousand years later in Neh.8:17. 

The two books called Ezra & Nehemiah mention men
by that name Yeshua(Y'shua).
The word Yeshua is very popular with book sellers.    

But it fails to match the TWO spellings given by Moses
in the Torah, and is inferior in Majesty.

After Babylon, not only was the Yeshua spelling common 
but there was widespread error by inter-marriage.
Captain "Johsua's" name is given a substitute in Neh.8:17  
But it is a dishonor to confer onto The Kings of Kings some
devolved, diminished, derivative or slang  substitute 
for the original Hebrew name given to Captain "Joshua".

Hebrew does spell Joshua three ways:
  One of the three is superior spelling-  Deu.3:21
  One of the three is most-common spelling -  Num.13:16
  One of the three is diminished spelling (or scribal error) -  Neh.8:17

Only the very highest & best form (i.e. identical to "Joshua")
is able and worthy to "exalt" His Name".    Ps. 34:3  
the N.T. Names for "Joshua" & "Jesus" are alike.   
In fact, the angels in Luke 2:11 were thrilled to announce the arrival
of a Savior, Rescuer, Messiah Yah (Himself) ! Is.43:11  ! !  
Gabriel specified a variation of that Name Yah.
Who cares ?

Most people persist to apply that word Yeshua because of ignorance or
compromise or uncertainty. But it will put them in doubtful company.
Allegedly, Hebert W. Armstrong, Ellen G. White, Charles Taze Russell,
Brigham Young, et al, each, declined to champion His real Name.

"My Holy Name", YaHUaH or YaHUShuA,  may sound silly to silly kids, ----but so what ?
What do you call a person who would let their Rescuer hang & squirm in blood,
on nails all day,
on a cold day, undressed, in their place . -then be frightened by teasing ?
"vomit" : Rev.3:16

Just remember:   The "Yah" asserts his ultimate authority. 
                            The "Shua" expresses His role as "Salvation" personified.

If the determination of His Name (above all Names) does not merit
effectual ferverent prayer, then what (in the world) does ?
Disposable people would rate it as disposable.





Disobedient Religious Authorities
worldwide, hear this and snub it !
& Claim it while you can.
The Holy Spirit works to comfort us by
choosing us, loving us and offering Truth.

Love-it & Proclaim-it !  OK ? Ez.3:7 ; 4:13

"Backbiters" (Cain, Korah, et al) resent growth.
"Backbiters" do interfere with acceptable worship.
"Backbiters" do not accurately convey Messiah's Name
and cannot accurately and righteously convey our name.
Warnings like this must be serious or 'the stubborn' won't listen.
Street preacher's proverb: "If you can't be sorry, you can't be saved".

"But the wise answered, saying,
Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you:
but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.
And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came;
and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage:  
and the door was shut."

Matthew 25:9 - 11 (KJV)

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good,
and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

James 4:17 - 5:1 (KJV) 

If you want more truth for your spirit component
(or more evidence for your mind component), 
our last page, occasionally, 
adds clarifications and commentary. 

$  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $

Near the beginning we did NOT ask you for money for all this,
but we did ask you to pray for truth.   Surely you did that much.
(And you who are Born Again tend to say "Thank you".)

This TRUTH exults in ascendency.
(And we ourselves will gladly reward our own teachers, forever.)


"Fine Print"
Two other "PEARLS" of Truth are available upon request.
The two Pearls have been as hidden as Top Secret :

Ps.    Happy  400th  Birthday, KJV !
1611 - 2011     

First KJV edition included the Apocrypha & excluded Yah's Name
due to intimidations by intimidators 
Yah,   Ps.68:4   KJV ! 
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Yah bless you !
Yours and His
 bro. Keen



 World's Only (?) Holy Name Street Preacher !  1Cor.1:21 !  

Rev. 2:26

That is the nature of the finest mastery !   1Cor.9:25 !   Let's hear it again !
May the ones with the most love, gain authority ! 
1 Kings 3:26,27

Paleo-Hebrew lettering evolved from pictographs of common objects.  
THE HEART(unseen) was not depicted like the foot or hand or arm or head. 
But now it is a world-famous pictograph to convey tender endearment. Rom.14:14      
The  GENEVA  TRANSLATION, printed in 1599 A.D.  used a giant heart-shape on the Title Page.  
Disregard any dis-honorable usage.   There is now no other symbol to convey such sweet endearment

"Oh, Abba, -oh gracious heavenly Father, Oh YaHUaH !,
in the Name of Your Son YaHUShuA as we understand Your Name in Hebrew,
we would come before you both boldly and humbly to thank You for the way You are:
that is kind and gracious and merciful.  
Everything else is less important.  
We could never thank you enough for your unspeakable gift.   
And we are here to ask that this little book (or WebSite) be 
blessed so that You receive more Honor
and that we be accounted profitable servants in it. 
Father, we pray that our labors
  be acceptable as "Faithful & True" and 
  only as contentious or loving as needed.  
Surely, Father, all for your sake, forever ! 
Thank you, Hallelu -YaH !!!, Amen"


OFFENSIVE “Battle Axe”: Deu.29:29   

Ps.68:4b  KJV         [Acts 10:43] 
extol Him who rideth upon the 
heavens  by His Name  YaH”!   


And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 

Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.

Mark 13:26
And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. 

Mark 14:62
And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.

And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

Acts 1:9
And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven.

2 Thess.1:7
And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.

14And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.

1 Thess.4:17
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

--  --  --  --  --  --  -- 

Jud.1:14 ;  [Zec.14:5c,9]
And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,

Source:  www.MyHolyName.com

Text Copyright 2009, Bro. Keen, All rights reserved.

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